Michael Campbell, From A Small Town To Training Top NBA Stars and MoneyBagg Yo

“My First Encounter With God,Was Amazing”

Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Michael Campbell, maybe you have not met someone who is as misunderstood as him. His image is portrayed as “the ladies man,” because of his hot figure as a Memphis Celebrity Trainer, yet you are wrong. This young man is much more than that. He is a father, has a great love for God, arts, reading, people and the City of Memphis. My father was a minister,” said Campbell,”if we didn’t do anything every Wednesday, my father made sure we had bible study.” Campbell sat down and put his whole life into a separate barrel. Enthused by reading books, he explained how he loves reading about the seven seals and book of revelations,as well as his Christian faith. As a fan of Bishop T.D Jakes and many others, he remains faithful and a stream of motivation for his clients as well as others . From his love life to who he has become, Campbell still remains a man of God and humble.

Campbell is from the small town of Edmonson, Arkansas. Growing up he attended West Memphis High School then eventually moving to the metro Memphis area, completing his grade school years at Oakhaven High School. While beating the odds of an inner city kid, he continued his education at Co-Lin Community College, playing Division 2 Basketball. The struggles of understanding who he wanted to become became hard, knowing that graduation was near, Campbell became worried, like any other college student on what was next. He knew for sure, that going back home was not an option, so he remained faithful during his college years, that was also in God.

After Campbell was done with school he expressed that he didn’t know which way to go, so therefore he prayed to the Lord before continuing his journey. He explained the encounter that he had with God that changed his life, how he was in tears, never being a man that really cried, yet God himself broke him down, this was because, he was revealed his destiny. He indeed, wanted to become a personal trainer, yet not just any trainer, one of the best, average was not enough for him. “I haven’t always been athletic, there were times that became my lows, that put me where I am now,” he said.

Rejection Means New Direction

Campbell was open, explaining his rejection from women, while losing his confidence that drove him to want to train. “I was so skinny and frail, learning from my experiences, my ex girlfriend left me of course, for someone bigger.” Campbell expressed his anxiety issues, and how it was hard to over come them from being overwhelmed with life difficulties. Yet this is what made him who is today. This made him a competitor. After dealing with family issues, becoming a father in his early 20s and battling with the image society placed on black men, Campbell remained faithful to what God had promised him. He truly believed that rejection only meant “new direction.” Listening to Campbell’s story I understood, you have to go through something, to become what God has called you to be, and he did exactly that.

Compleo Fitness

“Believe it or not, I had no car or gym training my first clients, this whole journey started by training my family members in the living room. I was training them, uncles, aunts, cousins and saw, wow im really getting results from this, they were getting results in as little as 3 months. I didn’t have fancy clothes, neither did I have money, I only had God and knew his purpose for me.” With no car, and sometimes using a car from his closest friends, Campbell did not give in. He remained focus even through his anxiety issues of what’s next, to get to the promise land of God’s purpose for him, this young man persevered. This image that he portrays is steady and smooth, yet deceiving to the human eye. “After every thing I’ve encountered I just wanted to feel complete, at one point I lost it all, the money, the excitement of it all and really did not know what to do, so I turned to God, and that is how Compleo Fitness came into play. “ If one does not know “Comple” is Latin for “complete,” he explained how he wanted his clients to fill as joyful and happy he was, after coming out of his wilderness season, so training them to build their confidence will make them feel complete, as well as him. This is how he knew he was walking in his purpose.

You may look at him on social media and think everything has been perfect for him, but it has not, Campbell worked long and hard to get to where he is, this is indeed motivation within itself, for everyone, including black men. He kept working, kept networking and continued believing in God, then everything became different, Campbell started to receive opportunities of his life time, training top athletes and political officials, as well as big names in the city of Memphis, including going on tour with Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo.

The Life of The Celebrity Trainer

Some of you may know rapper Moneybagg Yo as someone who came from the bottom to get to where he is today, much like Campbell. Entering the industry his image was different in figure, until one day the Memphis rapper made a decision that will change his life. He hired trainer, Michael Campbell who owned Comple Fitness. Campbell exaplained his opportunity with MoneyBagg seemed surreal, the young man was called and flew out immediately to go on tour with the Memphis rapper, somehow, this shows the love that Memphis has for each other as well as successful individuals.

“I literally had to give $6,000 worth of training refunds back to my clients, it was hard telling them that I will not be their trainer for the next few months, but it’s what I had to do.” Campbell explain the sacrifice he took just to go on tour nearly, or possibly, losing clientele because of his absence. But soon he saw, that this was in his purpose. His clients understood, they didn’t “hate” him for leaving, they congratulated him and awaited his arrival back to Memphis, this gave Campbell confidence and killed a little of his anxiety. Upon being on tour, he coached MoneyBagg into getting into the best shape of his life. “From working out to eating correctly, he did it all,” he said. He also explained how the rapper was a good guy, and he was fun to be around. Listening to Campbell’s story is very motivational and gives you an ounce of cheer from hearing him speak. After coming back to Memphis he was excited, Moneybagg’s transformation made the famous Instagram news account “The Shade Room,” and the results was all because of him.

Now Campbell is still being a positive and fun social light of Memphis. He says he loves Memphis and nothing could make him leave. “Memphis is a great city I will never leave her,” he said, “especially the food I love that as well.” He is now praying, as well as planning on opening his first gym. “I know that will come with time,” he said,” I’m just waiting on God to open. Campbell is a young black male who over came all struggles and obstacles in his way. If you want to know what’s going on in the city of Memphis this is it. Positive reinforcements being out forth to live your dreams. I am Kahdejah Evonne, and this is Conversations with Evonne, welcome to my city, let’s chat….