Mental Health

Kahdejah E. Stevens

Certified Anger Management and Stress Reduction Specialist, Mental Health Coach, Therapeutic Art Coach, Suicide Interventionist/Instructor, Master’s In Clinical Psychology Applied Research

“You are not alone.” Here to assist you in these times, Kahdejah Evonne Stevens is a mental health/anger management specialist, coach and advocate who believes in mental change through environmental, everyday practices as well as organization. You are never alone in hard times, sometimes the answers to our difficulties is in us. If you are having mental instabilities please do not hesitate to reach out. We will guide you in the right direction as well as to the right people. We will always have a chair open for you in our office, leading you to a life that is beautiful and healthy.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Help is available. Speak with someone today Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.  Learn more

Anger Management

Kahdejah Evonne Stevens is an Anger Management Specialist with an intensive background in applied research. Courses are fit to help court mandated individuals and those seeking help to reduce the mental health stressors of dealing with anger and its prevention including groups, work place mandatory courses as well as managerial roles.

Stress Reduction

Aimed to coach and reduce stress in one’s life. Stress is a gateway to many mental health disorders, therefore life skills and practices must be taught and implemented to fit the clients needs.

Mental Health Coaching

Guidance in hard times is important to the overcoming of a human being. Some do not find the proper way to go and need assistance in getting through a mental health crisis. Coping skills and personal skill development can help the client reach the goals they aspire to meet mentally after motivational interviewing.

Therapeutic Art Coaching

Connected to creative arts wellness, this coaching technique helps one connect with those around them and express themselves through a different form including, art, pottery, writing, music, drumming and dance. Humans must remain creative to also learn assertiveness in a time of instability.

Help is Available, Please Do No Hesitate To Reach Out We Are Here To Assist You.

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