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Shop some great STYLE , with our mental health merchandise all inspired and designed by The CWE Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog , Podcast, Mental Health & Entrepreneurship Platform!

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Our Urban Mental Health Crew Necks

*Your efforts will help us to keep running CWE Anger Managmemt Clinic and Behavioral Health Research allowing children to receive free social emotional services in low poverty areas, yet most importantly the CWE Network. 10 percent of all crew necks goes to the Clinic*

Let your voice be heard or speak for someone else! With our Mental Health Crew Necks! In Style

When Life Is Hard,Grab A Fedora & Hang Out With Friends!

Cheer up! Step out with one of our signature fedoras from our collection all hand picked by owner Kahdejah Evonne Stevens. The crowd will adore you ❤️.

CWE Frames

Do people need to see your new side? Show your intelligence with our signature stylish frames all handpicked by Kahdejah Evonne Stevens.

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