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Writer,Inspirationist and Talk Show host Kahdejah Evonne is coming to you with a Podcast of sprituality, self-improvement, motivation, relaxation business talk and psychological reasonings. Twitter: @kahdejahevonne Instagram: @conversationwithevonne_

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Bonus Episode: Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist Conversations With Evonne

Shayy Winn, American Idol finalist and musical artist expresses her gratitude as an upcoming R&B Singer. Regardless of life's obstacles, and being told she was legally blind during her junior year of high school, at the age of 22 years old, Shay has went against all odds to become who she wants to be in this world. Singing with pop/r&b star Andra Day, you will read all about her. For more information on Shay Winn, visit
  1. Bonus Episode: Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist
  2. Season 3 Bonus Episode: The Mental Health Of The Business Owner with Damion Hype
  3. S3: E8 Season 3 Wrap Up! What Is The CWE Platform?
  4. S3E7 Subconscious Issues within Independent Women
  5. S3E6 “Change Is Inevitable”

Season 4 of Conversations with Evonne

*open shows can be in person or virtual*

-July 31st 10 a.m 🟢Low Poverty, Entrepreneurship & Mental Health with Lennard James Marketing and Public Relations Executive

-July 31st 2p.m ⚪️Kickin it with: Celia Newman Owner of She Got Game Semi-Pro League

-August 7th 10 a.m 🟢The Importance of Financial Stability with Myles the Millenial Social Media Influencer/ Best Selling Book Author & Public Speaker

August 21st 10 a.m ⚪️Kickin it with: open show

August 28th 10 a.m 🟢Concept of Support/What is Support

September 11th 10 a.m 🟢Representation Matters/Protecting Your Brand

Sep 18th 10 a.m ⚪️Kickin it with: Michalyn Easter-Thomas Memphis City Council District 87/Educator and Owner of Pose 901

Sep 25th 10 a.m 🟢The Reverse of Low Poverty Thinking

Oct 6th 6 p.m 🟢Motivating Yourself/Self Love Practices with Dr.Q Memphis Doctor of Dentistry and Motivational Influencer

Oct 13th 6 p.m ⚪️Kicking it with: Open Show

Oct 27th 6 p.m 🟢The History of the Anger of the Black Woman

Nov 10th 6 p.m 🟢Black Men & Mental Health

Nov 17th 6 p.m 🟢Risk Taking within Good Decisions “81”

Dec 1st 6 p.m ⚪️Kicking it with: Open Show

Dec 9th 6 p.m 🟢The Love of Money “For The Love Of Money” (How this concepts kills your brand)

Dec 23rd 6 p.m 🟢The Wrap Up! Season 4 of Conversations with Evonne

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