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Writer,Inspirationist and Talk Show host Kahdejah Evonne is coming to you with a Podcast of sprituality, self-improvement, motivation, relaxation business talk and psychological reasonings. Twitter: @kahdejahevonne Instagram: @conversationwithevonne_

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S3E9 Conversations on Relationships & Partnerships Conversations With Evonne

Kahdejah Evonne checks in with Thadius Craft and Reed speaking on relationships, companionship and partnerships. #WineWednesdays
  1. S3E9 Conversations on Relationships & Partnerships
  2. Bonus Episode: Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist
  3. Season 3 Bonus Episode: The Mental Health Of The Business Owner with Damion Hype
  4. S3: E8 Season 3 Wrap Up! What Is The CWE Platform?
  5. S3E7 Subconscious Issues within Independent Women

Season 4 of Conversations with Evonne

*open shows can be in person or virtual*

-July 31st 10 a.m 🟢Low Poverty, Entrepreneurship & Mental Health with Lennard James Marketing and Public Relations Executive

-July 31st 2p.m ⚪️Kickin it with: Celia Newman Owner of She Got Game Semi-Pro League

-August 7th 10 a.m 🟢The Importance of Financial Stability with Myles the Millenial Social Media Influencer/ Best Selling Book Author & Public Speaker

August 21st 10 a.m ⚪️Kickin it with: open show

August 28th 10 a.m 🟢Concept of Support/What is Support

September 11th 10 a.m 🟢Representation Matters/Protecting Your Brand

Sep 18th 10 a.m ⚪️Kickin it with: Michalyn Easter-Thomas Memphis City Council District 87/Educator and Owner of Pose 901

Sep 25th 10 a.m 🟢The Reverse of Low Poverty Thinking

Oct 6th 6 p.m 🟢Motivating Yourself/Self Love Practices with Dr.Q Memphis Doctor of Dentistry and Motivational Influencer

Oct 13th 6 p.m ⚪️Kicking it with: Open Show

Oct 27th 6 p.m 🟢The History of the Anger of the Black Woman

Nov 10th 6 p.m 🟢Black Men & Mental Health

Nov 17th 6 p.m 🟢Risk Taking within Good Decisions “81”

Dec 1st 6 p.m ⚪️Kicking it with: Open Show

Dec 9th 6 p.m 🟢The Love of Money “For The Love Of Money” (How this concepts kills your brand)

Dec 23rd 6 p.m 🟢The Wrap Up! Season 4 of Conversations with Evonne

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