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All Star Weekend Has Kicked Off For SHE GOT GAME Semi-Pro League in Memphis Headquarters

Last weekend the league seen an exceptional crowd for “Greek Night” photo with Owner Celia Newman and Media Sponsor Kahdejah Evonne (Conversations with Evonne)

She Got Game

Conversations with Evonne is proud to be a media sponsor of such an amazing league of women. All drafted by C.E.O Celia Newman who set forth to put her dreams on paper and make them come true. With her gratitude she has developed a league of enthusiasm, hard work and dedication for women who still love the game and want to play. “I just knew we needed a place to show that passion and dedication,” she said, “women come up to me all the time still thanking me for giving them the platform to do so.” The league has develop drastically since it’s first season, now have full teams of skilled women and over 10 teams in each season playing for the victory cup. The passion never ends within these floors.

Stretching across four different cities Chicago, Nashville, Huntsville and its headquarters Memphis, the league has recruited over 200 women who have decided to lace their sneakers up and leave it all on the court. Including notable players like Ashley Shields who has given Memphis and the WNBA a run for their money from playing with the Houston Comets hailing from Southwest Tennessee Community College, the RAWNESS is never ending.

The women have an area to dedicate their hearts to now and they have not come to play as some are even drafted by agents to play overseas basketball. The semi-pro league is opening doors to the big leagues, as exactly it should using its over the top potential not just for basketball, yet justice. Owner Celia Newman pays close attention to social justice issues that are taking place in America and has dedicated games to those who have passed from police brutality, in loving memory of Breonna Taylor who was gunned down in her home by Louisville,Kentucky police.

“Dear Basketball”

Celia Newman Owner of She Got Game Semi-Pro Women’s Basketball League

The league has even dedicated its efforts to the smaller generations as they donate funds, time and mentors to help young women and athletes who are growing into the lively hood of the game. Celia feels is it important to reach back to younger generations, for they are the key to success and our future. It is true, if we as a society create a platform for them now they would have something to build off of, as they travel the journey of becoming who they are.

She Got Game League is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of women in the world of sports!  Our mission is to create a support system and a platform to give them the tools necessary to be the best they can be in life.

She Got Game League
Funds being donated to The Farm League by Rachel Dorsey

Are You Ready? All-Star Weekend Is Here!

And now the fun begins. That’s right folks She Got Game All Star Weekend is in full effect as Memphis players are ready for skills challenges, games and much more. The kick off will take place at Raleigh-Egypt High School the whole weekend of September 24th-26th as players are preparing themselves for friendly battle, thats at least off the court. The women were recently drafted to All-Star teams as She Got Game top sponsors selected players to play. If you are ready to see the great wonders of Memphis most athletic women Raleigh Egypt High School is the place to be this weekend. Tickets are available at the door and hot concessions will be served. Get ready to witness something amazing. For more information be sure to check back to on the regular as CWE Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog, Podcast, Mental Health and Entrepreneurship Platform is the home of She Got Game. We are so proud of this fantastic league and how far it has come. We look forward to the amazing wonders it will continue to produce. Let’s go ladies!

Who run the world? GIRLS!


MVP Vibe Creates Marketing Platform For Independent Musicians, Vocal Artist and Poets

That’s A Vibe

Introducing the newly music marketing platform, this site helps users produce projects on a virtual stream, set up like a community not only for creators yet people looking to be the vibe we all have been waiting for! MVP Vibe (musicians, vocalist, and poets) has created a platform that centers around upcoming artist and creators into one community. MVP Vibe’s App & online network allows artist to post their upcoming involved in new talent. The great part about these vibes is the platform/ community is completely free, allowing artist to pick up donations from those who support them, as well as post creative content. Let’s take a better look into the platform, as it has developed additional opportunities that help promote talent all for the betterment of themselves.

The company established itself in October of 2017 and like majority of businesses, survived through the global pandemic. The witty idea came about when owners Eddie and Amanda Bankston took the love from their marriage and invested it into their hobbies, Amanda being in the business world and Eddie being an artist. 

They thought, “why not share this love and passion with everyone else?” Then advanced to start drafting information on paper for the development of the musical network. The two together created positive vibes, for Eddie understood the grind and hard work of an independent artist, while Amanda was big on the business marketing side. 

The two came up with amazing ideas to offer a platform that also added opportunities for independent artists. One in which was Vibe Sessions, allowing musical artist or anyone apart of the platform to be seen by big time producers and jet eyes in the industry.

You can now download the Vibe App in the Apple App Store

Vibe Sessions

Vibe sessions- a way for artist to present themselves in front of a supporting group of individuals with the fancy lights and cameras. These sessions are top tier as they are hosted monthly from one of the selected winners who post well thought of content on their accounts. The session includes a lively performance that is streamed professionally by the company within a high end productions studio in Houston, TX the Bohemian Photography Studios. Yet wait, there is a contest to be apart of this vibe. The contest in detail is based off the artist who has the highest profile engagement, they are then selected by judges and win the Vibe Session production which is ranging roughly around $3,000. Not to mention, this might just be the big break for the artist, they are in the room with individuals who could connect them to the right people in the industry or just might be the right people in the industry that they should connect with. Talk about vibes, yet you must work on hard on that content and boost your engagement so you can show them that you are the vibe. Can I get a Vibe Check?

Vibe Check

The next area of advertisement is mutual support is Vibe Checks. Vibe checks are detailed interviews of the MVP Vibe network users. These individuals are randomly selected and are interviewed about their upcoming projects and careers. The platform has a multitude of host who are the face of vibe checks and choose the musicians, artist or vocalist within a particular deadline to be part of the show. You can check out some of these productions on the MVP Vibes Instagram page and if you are a member website.

Check Out This Vibe Check with @paradiised


Now let’s get to the fun stuff of how this program works, statistics. These numbers are fairly important. Due to creators wanting to know who is viewing their content is where exactly is it going. Number in the marketing world are just as vital when presenting platforms similar to MVP Vibe, and as a newly developed website their statistics are quite impressive. The amount of time users are spending on the platform is 12 times more than another platform on in their category. Not to mention how the content is exposed when posting. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, this platform helps creators directly establish an audience by keeping their content posted for all to see, and not just by who is getting the most engagement. This is so everyone who views the streams are very likely to see who you are. Then we lead into the value of monetization and how money flows through this system. In comparison to Spotify and other streaming networks you will make an average of 0.12 cents per stream, that means an individual has to stream over 90,000 plays to make at least $1,080 within that streaming period. That is a massive amount of streams. Yet with MVP Vibe it is different, the network takes all precaution when it comes to their creators, the platform is fully catered to them by the way. With this being said, creators and make way more than 0.12 cent per stream, while supporters and donate money to them as they watch their content videos and listen to their music. What an awesome deal, so it is set as this, people come listen to your music, you build a fan base, then generous will pay you way more than 0.12 cents a stream and have a chance to win perks and become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. Yet it’s not only up to them, its up to you as well. You must also put in the work, to get the word out there for yourself through your brilliant projects and build a platform of creativity and professionalism. MVP Vibes is just hear to help, yet starting you off as the creator you have always wanted to be.

Joining The Vibe

So how do you becoming involved in something so amazing, that is filled with tons of new music? You create a profile of course. The website is easy to navigate. Whether you’re an upcoming musician, artist or poetic and maybe even just a music lover or guru MVP Vibe is the network you want to be apart of. So what are you waiting on, click the link below and pay yourself a visit of creativity that you would never forget. Oh-and when you get there, tell them Evonne sent you.

Black Girl Magic: Dr.April Carter Set To Change The Narrative on African American Health Through Infrared and HOTWORX Franchises

The Hospitalist with A Plan Aside From Her Awesome Career

Changing The Narrative In African American Health

Growing up in the typical African American family means more to us culture wise than anything before. We take pride in our family gatherings, traditions and conversations. Truthfully, we love our favorite cousins as well as visiting grandma on each and every holiday. Yet one thing that kept us more close knit than any other object on earth is food. Our grandmother’s undying recipes at that, because no one else makes it like her we settled. Although this was how we were raised, and the chicken, candid yams as well as black eye peas remind us of where we are from through classical conditioning, the heart of the matter has also caused issues within our communities. With no doubts, we love our soul foods, yet do these foods love our bodies? Dr.April Carter expressed this as she is a hospitalist who works in multiple regions and hospitals in America. If anyone has not seen what health tolls have done to our communities she is indeed one to speak on these issues with, not just from books but life experiences as well.

The Behaviors and Cultures of Eating and How It Affects Communities

“I grew up in a household that had 3 carbs on one plate for dinner, and meat every night,” said Dr.Carter as she explained her childhood and the health conscious attitudes she has developed from seeing her family deal with a multitude of body dysfunctions and illness contracted from the habits of cultural eating lifestyles. “There are a multitude of illness I seen in my family, from diabetes to high blood pressure and heart issues,” she said and all were a result of eating as well as exercise behaviors. Due to cultural situations, the subconscious mind is entitled to the environmental habits developed in us from children. Therefore some behaviors come almost natural because it is accepted within our communities. African American communities and populations are one of the most uneducated when it comes to eating as well as exercise habits. This results in a spike in diabetes diagnostics and high blood pressure cases. As well as a multitude of other illnesses. Yet if our communities and leaders were fully educated on how these habits affect our lives, the narrative of African American families could change. Dr.April Carter took upon this narrative by becoming a change agent as well as franchise owner of 4 soon to open Hot Wroxs under her name, and she is including the emphasis on infrared services. Who’s better to support this narrative than a black doctor and leader of our on. We need more like her.

What is Infrared?

According to Mayo Clinic several studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, headache, type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and found some evidence of benefit. This is throughly why targeted communities should become more invested into the HotWrox franchise. Becoming a member of the studio lead by people like Dr.Carter sets these individuals in good hands from research based practices. Not only does it increases internal health yet also helps with external factors including reducing excess weight gain in members if exercise practices are continued. Investing in these studios fits exactly to what the doctor her self is trying to present to target communities who deal with these difficulties yet most importantly everyone.

Upcoming Openings

Bonus Episode: Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist

Shayy Winn, American Idol finalist and musical artist expresses her gratitude as an upcoming R&B Singer. Regardless of life’s obstacles, and being told she was legally blind during her junior year of high school, at the age of 22 years old, Shay has went against all odds to become who she wants to be in this world. Singing with pop/r&b star Andra Day, you will read all about her.

Born in Chesterfield, Virgina Shayy, attended Thomasdale High School, a musical and arts school with hopes of advancing her career as an musical artist. She was talented, adventurous and ready to tackle the world, until one visit at the doctor turned her world up side down. “I was told I had to rush over to the emergency room to see another doctor, what I heard when I got there I couldn’t believe it,” said Shayy. She was then told that the doctors were attempting to save her from going blind, and will have to rush into emergency surgery. Shayy then had an adversity that she has never encountered, she thought that everything was happening so quickly including flashes of her music career. “All I could think was, what am I going to do,” she said, “I have to read music, and if I can’t see how will I be able to say in school?”

Yet, all of that changed, when obstacles come our way, God has his way reinforcements that help us throughout our journey, while Shayy thought the world before her was crashing down, it was really coming together around her beautifully. Remembering her grandfather who also had a visual disability, Shayy explained how he told her she will be on American Idol one day upon her visits to him. She didn’t believe him, and chuckled the phrase off as she sang beautifully for him upon every visit. Yet the dreams of her grandfather came true during Shayy’s highschool years as American Idol came to her city, and upon the passing of her grandfather, Shayy knew she had to do it to honor him, that idea visit, landed her in the top 40 of the American Idol finalist. As she raised up upon the occasion and did not accept defeat, Shayy was called back for the grand finale to sing with r&b/pop artist Andra Day.

Rise Up, Move Mountains

So will you choose to move mountains? Well Shayy did, as she is continuing her career as a musical artist, Shayy is not letting anything stop her. She is now working on singles, continuing her auditory practices through memorization and as well as releasing new hits coming right to your audio and screen. Want to keep up with the amazing story of Shayy Winn? You can follow her on Instagram @shayywinn as well as look her music up on Spotify and all musical platforms. In the time of famine we must always remember what we are doing things for, and continue to rise up, battles may come our way yet with God we will never go down in defeat. Today, we celebrate Shayy, continue to be the best of the best and black girl magic, sincerely

-Kahdejah Evonne

Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist

Click Below To Listen To Bonus Episode: Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist

S3E9 Conversations on Relationships & Partnerships Conversations With Evonne

Kahdejah Evonne checks in with Thadius Craft and Reed speaking on relationships, companionship and partnerships. #WineWednesdays
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We Back Outside! Can I Live Celebrity Weekend Has Officially Started. Here’s Who You Are Expected To See?

This weekend is going to be one for the books! Event after event will be here in Memphis for the Official Can I Live Celebrity Weekend with Curtis Givens. Yet what’s a weekend without these major celebrities? The weekend is going to bring the stars to Memphis, even the ones out the sky.

Yet First, Be Ready In Your Flyest Gear Tonight As The Power 30 Takes The Hyatt Centric Downtown,Memphis July 16th From 9p.m-1a.m

Here’s Who You’re Expected


The American R& B Singer, not the army tank, even though he has the muscle mass of one. That’s right ladies. One of the sexiest men alive will be in the building taking over The Can I Live Celebrity Weekend All White Affair Saturday, July 17th at Mud Island.

Kenny Burns, The Lifestyle Specialist

The Big Boss, CEO will be floating all through Can I Live as he will be hosting the All White Affair and have appearances of the celebrity party all Saturday July 17th at Mud Island River Park and In LoVe Memphis. Burns has worked with huge names in executive positions of Brands like P.Diddy himself as well as his own radio stations V103, whiskey company Uncle Nearest and much more!

DJ Infamous

Grammy Award winning producer and 3 time world champion DJ. The very famous DJ will be taking over In LoVe Memphis as he will be in the bulging shutting down the turn tables, as well as bringing his celebrity vibes and connections. The DJ is now preparing to go on tour with Ludacris.

NBA Star Ja Morant

The NBA Star Ja Morant will be in the building. The star has taken over the Grizzlies season being awarded the NBA Rookie of the year award and averaging 18.4 points, 7.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds.

NFL Standout Anthony Miller

Memphis Very Own

The native Memphian and NFL Standout for the Chicago Bears will be hitting the city this weekend hosting the Celebrity party with Ja Morant and Kenny Burns.

Duckie Confetti

Stylist, taste maker and designer will be bringing a taste of New York to Memphis as his high fashion qualities will take over the Sunday Brunch at Dixon Gallery & Gardens Sunday, July 18th.

Celebrity Chef Phillip Dewayne

Please do not underestimate the talents that flow through Memphis. Celebrity Chef Phillip Dewayne with his 50 pounds of seabass as he will be cooking for the now SOLD OUT Can I Live Celebrity Weekend Brunch Sunday, July 18th at Dixon Gallery & Gardens.

The question is, are you ready?….

Ending with IYKYK Sunday’s At In LoVe July 18th

The question is ARE YOU READY? Can I Live Celebrity Weekend has started! Be prepared, get your outfits ready and be outside! Because we are about to have a blast!

Well that’s all for now everyone, the city will be in live affect this weekend as the love will fill the air. Curtis Givens Can I Live Celebrity Weekend has been in place for 20 whole years and this weekend you will experience it’s greatness. For more information tune to the http://www.conversationswithevonne platform all weekend as we will keep you updated with all Can I Live Celebrity Weekend Events with all ACESS passes. 

Thanks for tuning in! And see you guys soon! The LoVe is in the air. sponsored by: Oscar P Southern Comic & Entertainment @oscarpfunny on Instagram. Slice of Soul Presents Thursday Night Comedy Ft Oscar P each and every Thursday @7:30 p.m. 2 drink minimum mask required to enter. Visit 1299 Madison Avenue in Memphis,TN for more information and to view the awesome show!

Curtis Givens Back Outside with 20th Annual Can I Live Celebrity Weekend 2021

Memphis,TN has experienced 20 years of excitement, professional entertainment and black excellence from the well-established entrepreneur. This weekend is a time for celebrations and to do it all over again is an understatement.

Memphis,TN has experienced 20 years of excitement, professional entertainment and black excellence from the well-established entrepreneur. This weekend is a time for celebrations and to do it all over again is an understatement.

The Pandemicprenuer has changed his name to King of Memphis night life and entertainment.

They Not Scared To Come Outside

Neither is Givens as he is prepared to start the weekend right here in Memphis,Tn by not only honoring himself but others. The Pandemicprenuer has changed his name to King of Memphis night life and entertainment. This is Givens 20th year brining the city the most upscale events around that every one can attend. Memphis is indeed his play ground, as events for the 2021 year will be located all around the city, from East Memphis to Downtown by the Mississippi River the aroma of LoVe will fill the air. The stunning performance of the business man has continued through all trails and tribulations as Givens keep in tact with his business even during the days that businesses shut down and the city lights went black across America. Yet Givens kept his light lit as events across the city still were active for the entrepreneur. Of course, the media attacked Givens, yet in a time of famine, were rules were placed the pandemicprenuer stuck to the plan and reminded the city that he will come out on top no matter what adversity comes his way, even a natural disaster the left the world in shock, yet now put us back on our feet and added a little color. That indeed, is black owned businesses.

Regardless of any backlash, the world was in a time where taking care of our families and sticking close to our love ones was important. As an entrepreneur your lively hood is held in what you love to do, we must continue to work hard to not let that love die, and take care of our love even during the worst times. This is a lesson that a lot of entrepreneurs should learn from Givens, keep going because if you stop, that’s where you will remain.

The Weekend Ahead July 16th-July 19th 2021

July 16th Power 30 Honoree Event Downtown Memphis,TN Hyatt Centric

Spreading LoVe and Celebrating Others

Givens and his team has always been a team of individuals who looks to celebrate and look after others. He recognized that he was not only the pandemicprenuer who came out on top like everyone else did, with that being said a group of 30 individuals will be honored Friday, July 16th at the Hyatt Centric rooftop party….well celebration.

Curtis Givens 20th Annual All White Affair Saturday July 17th Mud Island River Park

Let’s Break These New Renovations In

Now we celebrate yet this time we’re a little more relaxed. The 20th Annual Curtis Givens All White Affair will be held Saturday, July 17th at the newly renovated Mud Island River Park from 3p.m-8p.m. Hosted by Tank & Kenny Burns. That same night a celebrity party will take place at In LoVe Memphis hosted by Grizzles NBA Star Ja Morant, Kenny Burns and Anthony Miller.

Can I Live Celebrity Weekend Sunday Brunch at Dixon Gallery and Gardens Sunday, July 18th

And On Sunday’s…We BRUNCH!

The celebrations do not end there. The Can I Live Celebrity Weekend Sunday Brunch will be held Sunday, July 18th at Dixon Gallery and Gardens. Hosted by Duckie Confetti and Chef Phillip Dewayne. Followed by IYKYK Sunday’s.

Well that’s all for now everyone, the city will be in live affect this weekend as the love will fill the air. Curtis Givens Can I Live Celebrity Weekend has been in place for 20 whole years and this weekend you will experience it’s greatness. For more information tune to the http://www.conversationswithevonne platform all weekend as we will keep you updated with all Can I Live Celebrity Weekend Events with all ACESS passes.

Thanks for tuning in! And see you guys soon! The LoVe is in the air. sponsored by: Oscar P Southern Comic & Entertainment @oscarpfunny on Instagram. Slice of Soul Presents Thursday Night Comedy Ft Oscar P each and every Thursday @7:30 p.m. 2 drink minimum mask required to enter. Visit 1299 Madison Avenue in Memphis,TN for more information and to view the awesome show!

Body Positivity: Lizzo Is Not Taking No For An Answer. “There’s no shame anymore.”

Take Back Your Body ‼️

It’s 2021. That means that we are in an era where we speak up for who we are and what we want! Movements are being made, protests are happening, and change is coming! That all starts with a voice. There are people all over who are speaking up for those who feel they do not have a voice. For example, Lizzo is no longer allowing others to dictate her body. She is proud to show off her body and not care what others think. Lizzo understands that she controls her body, not the opinions of others. She is a constant supporter of Body Positivity. Be like Lizzo. Take Back Your Body!

Coi Leray Expresses Her Concern As Her Body Is Being Ridiculed By Social Media Followers

“My Body Is Always Trending I Don’t Understand”

Late Night Leisure🌚

Coi Leray, a rapper, singer, and songwriter, has been the talk of social media lately. Her latest social media post expresses her concern as her body is being ridiculed after viewers saw her outfit for the BET Awards. Body positivity is being preached BUT is it being followed 🤔 #Memphis #blackpodcast #mentalhealth #CWE

Body Shaming Much?

You would think celebrities in the industry are loved, yet they are not exempt from the negativity that comes with the world, or mental health concerns. Body shaming decreases the confidence of an individual and is done on a daily basis, yet to be a star where millions of people are watching you the pressure is on. Celebrities in the industry must take their mental health seriously, as the rawness of fans will never turn off as long as the coins keep rolling. Believe it or not, any body type or figure is acceptable, THATS only if you are good within yourself and not living up to the expectations of society. They will never be satisfied. #StayFocusedOnYou

Co Writer: @topnotch_asia

Writer: Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

Comedians Mental Health Matter, Oscar P Revels The Strength Behind His Laughter

“My Laughter Tells My Story” with Comic Oscar P 

“So…what do you do,” this very common question caught the interest of comic Oscar P, whose reversed the question into an ounce of comedy of his own. “Well,” he said, “I am an exotic stripper for the blind.” When you think about it, this comic has pure talent, enough to where even a blind individual could be entertained with just his voice, without looking at his stage appearances and movement, how ironic is that. So ironic that Oscar P is stealing the hearts of the Mid-south and all of the southern regions. 

Originally from the Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale to be exact, Oscar P grew up in a Mississippian household. He was raised in Cleveland, MS by his mother and father in which the city developed him into the star he is himself. As well as those in his family. Oscar, was close to his uncle as a child, whom encouraged him to go after his dreams more and more, regardless of any circumstance. “My uncle allowed me watch stand up comedy with him while I was a kid,” said Oscar, “they were always so funny, this was just something I always did. Oscar, being a child, did not notice who he was just yet. Working hard to find himself, even through his teen years he went with the flow of life, until he had his own little sunshine that he looked after in the world. This huge light that came in a small package, encouraged him to be free, his daughter. “She looked at me and said, daddy…. why do you always tell us to go after our dreams and you aren’t, its time for you to do that, after that, I immediately knew that this was something I needed to do, it was my purpose, so I sat out on my dreams to become a comedian.” Although his daughter, uncle, close family as well as friends were his undying light, Oscar still felt a dissociation from life and unforgettable darkness, that was not always so hilarious. 

When you think of comedians, we think of hot comedy clubs, a magnificent weekend night that will be filled with laughter, food and drinks. Maybe even a loving date night with our partners, then we all go home to be entirely happy. Yet this is not always the deal with those who work to uplift our spirits, even those who have this gift, need some uplifting of their own. “ I allow people to laugh at my pain,” he said, “ people deserve a laugh, its needed.’ Yet, after Comic Oscar P said this the conversation went for a drastic turn. As humans, the mental aspect of us somewhat works the same, regardless when the load becomes too heavy, we might just drop it, or even set out on the ledge to explode. There is an list of comedians who are not here with us today that we all enjoyed here on earth, but never got a chance to really express the significance of their burdens. One in which is Robin Williams, a famous comedian and actor whom American loved to see, yet took his own life by soaking in those dark areas, that neither of us could see developing in him. Therefore Oscar P was asked the real by the CWE Platform, that was what is his mental health exercises that allow him to cope with the real areas and high demand of life, what he explained shocked us entirely. 

“This brings me back,” he said, “to November 11th just before I got on stage to do one of my first shows in Atlanta.” Oscar explained how he planned his suicide for November 12th that following day yet could not bring himself to do it, because he felt he finally found his purpose. He was planning to go to the park and leave a letter to his wife and kids on why he decided to let things go. Oscar was so deep into darkness, that he knew exactly when he wanted to do this, in which the guidelines to his insurance policy held him. The insurance policy stated that the family will not receive those funds unless dying by suicide was exactly 2 years and 1 day from the time the policy was active. Oscar calculated this and planned his death. He had an alarm on his phone to what time he was going to kiss his wife and kids goodbye, and vanish forever, yet luckily Oscar did not leave that pain from abandonment and family betrayal behind, he decided to fix it through his purpose, becoming a comedian while developing himself into a healthy more whole person. Oscar tried and that’s what makes him comedy’s greatest hero. He found his strength and purpose through is darkness.

Oscar also found his purpose through philanthropy and public speaking, in which he says he wants to be more involved in.  Each year Oscar P gives away 5 college scholarships to those in need, as well as speak to the general public, yet we are those who really need the wisdom from them. This was developed when Oscar had a detailed conversation with a man who called the streets of Atlanta his home. Upon Oscar laughing with this individual, an Atlanta Comedy Theater worker was watching, which helped Oscar develop his career placing him as one of the funniest comedians in the southern region of America today, and eventually all over. 

Oscar is a comedian and motivational character of high dignity and amplitude. Regardless of his past experiences he overcame those and allowed people the room to express themselves to him daily. “People pull me to the side all the time to express their stories after a show, “said Oscar.  He even explains how he always calls his comedy brothers just to check in with them, for he knows how life could get. As a black man in American who could open and express his hardships with the CWE platform we applaud comic Oscar P. Mental health amongst black men, comics, entertainers and in America in general is thoroughly important to the operations of that individual. His story will help thousands around the different cities that he may meet, and his laughter as well as wisdom will travel with us forever, for intelligence of life and expressing heartfelt circumstances is love.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Friends Host $1 Million Birthday Bash In Miami, Florida.

A Night To Remember

Awesome vibes, party life and gold bottles, this is what the money men brought to the magic city on one steamy weekend. The May weather came pretty earlier as Floyd Mayweather and friends shut Miami down with the appearance and realness of one of the most expensive parties thrown all year along the coast. Celebrating no one other than the greatest light weight champion of all time birthday was a night to remember. Even though the star shared his experience with Jas Muthur, $700,000 was spent directly from the money man himself, even if ex-opppnets like Conor McGregor had little belief in Mayweather’s continued Forbes list success. Yet enough talk about naysayers, let’s dive into the deep money mountains of the money men who made an appearance on the green carpet.

“The “Money Cake” was massive”

The Money Men

Held at The Venue in Fort Lauderdale, the bash was christened “Floyd’s Futuristic 44th Birthday Extravaganza.” Forty Four never looked any better, especially when over 1 billion dollars filled the room. Millionaires including Rick Ross, who is a big time entrepreneur, hip hop artist and social icon (owner of Rosé, Wing Stop and many more endeavors) was on the scene. Larsa Pippen the wife of Scotty Pippen and celebrity tv personality, Jacquees known social media sensation with hit R&B singles like “Come Thru,” “Money” Matt Herman owner of The Done Deal Records including signed artist of the label Barchi and President elect Joe Biden brother, Frank Biden could not bare to miss the upscaled event. Models were in skin tight clothing, over 100 bottles of champagne floated through the event, not to mention Ace of Spades were being passed around and our very known celebrities,Instagram sensations and entrepreneurs had a magnificent time.

COVID Restrictions

Of course there were a few COVID regulations put in place for this extravaganza. People were check properly at the door, making sure all temperatures meet COVID regulations as per requested. Individuals who did not meet regulations were turned around at the door, nevertheless majority of the crowed entered for the one night experience. To talk more highly of what was there, Floyd even had money printed with his face on it for decor, he was seen in a multitude of outfits throughout the night and of course pulled up in one of the most luxurious cars on the market at this moment, a Bugatti, which is priced at breathtaking 1.9 million dollars. So question? Does that make the party worth more than the title intended? Let’s not add his several thousand dollars work of Fendi and Versace outfits. The bill my friends will be out of the roof, yet this is what money men like Floyd Mayweather does. He brings the rain, money to change the weather and heat a place like Florida up a few more degrees, in the middle of the winter.

“Mayweather Shares A Birthday Photo With Muthur”

The Fight Is Still On

Update: Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Sunday that he will return to the boxing ring on Feb. 20, 2021, for an exhibition bout against YouTube star Logan Paul. The retired 44-year-old made the announcement on Instagram.

Give It Up For Their Work