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Curtis Givens Teams Up With Eat Big Bill’s Bar-Be-Que To Increase The Livelihood Of Food & Entertainment In Memphis

The modern and clean look of Eat Big Bills located in East Memphis.”

The summer is starting to open up as businesses start to flourish after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants and entertainment facilities closed around the world, while Americans struggled to keep themselves occupied during the shut in moments. The vibe of the world went down, while accommodations for businesses had to be blue printed, and people as well had to change the routines of their everyday lives. Yet out of all the catastrophes and all the disappointing moments we have faced during this tragic time, there’s one thing that did not change, the soul and entertainment in Memphis, that was indeed through food, by businesses man and entertainment wizard Curtis Givens.

Sponsored by The Chiro Place, Curtis Givens and Memphis frontliners enjoyed delicious barbecue for lunch on a beautiful summer day. Eat Big Bills and other physicians supported those working hard on the frontlines.

Eat Big Bill’s , A Modern Vibe

From talking to Givens, he expressed the importance of reaching all crowds when it comes to entertainment , especially in the food world, “you know, everybody got to eat,” said Givens. This was his reasoning of collaborating with Big Bill and turning the organization to a modern barbque resturant. We sat at the clean bar, which was throughly sanitized per customer, every other minute and through operation hours. The facility kept cleanness a priority while in the midst of COVID-19, keeping it safe for the people. Not to mention, the new spot opened within the madness, but Curtis praised God abundantly throughout the time of opening during the chaos. “It’s a blessing to open and be able to present good food to people even in the midst of this tragedy,” he said, “God really has anyone who is still opening during this time in the palm of his hands.” Curtis explained how seeing people smile when they ate the fresh off the grill entrees was such an enjoyment, not only that, yet watching them express much gratitude and say positive comments about the scenery. What’s even more interesting, his wife created the map of the interior for Eat Big Bills from her decorative eye. “My wife actually designed this whole area, the tables and everything,” he expressed. The fairly new location is located in the heart of East Memphis, making a sharp left as soon as one exit the expressway, towards Kirby Road, eating here will not leave you dissatisfied.

Eat Big Bills is located at 2857 Kirby Rd Ste. 119
Memphis, TN 38119
Tel. 901-529-7798

Monday – Thursday
10:30 AM – 9 PM

Friday – Saturday
10:30 AM – 10 PM

Big Bill’s also have a full bar operating each open day of the week!

“Another view of the dinning area at 2857 Kirby Road Ste. 19

Not too much about the decor, or the music that plays 90s R&B, we must get into what all of Memphis has been waiting devour on a week to week basis, the food. I had the privileges of trying some of the food, and I could say the flavor from the fresh grilled salmon had my taste buds at attention. There is a menu that one must go by, but this blog in fact will express the crowd favorites, surely you would be willing to try them. “Oh, the millennials they loooove the smoked salmon sandwich,” said Curtis, “they cannot get enough of it.” From taking my first bite into the entree, I believed every word that was said. The food was fresh and like Curtis expressed, he and Big Bill are deep within the quality of what is being served.

Meals To Snatch This Summer

Ok let’s talk food, from the statistics it has been proven that these entrees are not ordinary meals, so we have gathered a few entrees form Big Bills for you to snatch this summer. Enjoy.

“Regular Pulled Pork Sandwich”

This sandwich is indeed a winner, ranking in one of the first on the menu, the pulled meat is made fresh off the grill with savory seasonings, toasted buns, smoky barbecue sauce, and delicious top chef cole slaw. Not to mention the golden fries and added on beverage to top this meal off.

“Barbecue Nachos

Next in line is the signature barbecue nachos, you can order this delicious snack in beef, pork or turkey. The nachos are topped off with hot cheese, and of course Big Bill’s signature barbecue sauce, with large jalapeños to keep your taste buds running and give your mouth that spicy feel.

“Barbecue Ribs”

Mmmmm, you never thought we could leave these out, ribs! Yes they are indeed a favorite. Smoked to the customers liking and dipped in savory barbecue sauce these ribs will have you coming back for more. Try a side of baked beans, cole slaw or potato salad to top it off!

“Smoke Salmon Sandwich”

What better way to spend your summer than with one of these delicious surprises. The hot off the grill salmon sandwich is indeed a crowd favorite. This bad baby is light in calories yet, if you feel like having a simple cheat day add some golden french fries for your side. The delicious entree comes with top of the line cole slaw as well as delicious barbecue sauce to enhance the flavor. A great summer meal for a beautiful summer day!

“Yet not too fast, we have something else.”

“Big Bills has a full open bar serving fresh cocktails and now with happy hour Monday- Friday from 4-7 p.m”

Before leaving make sure you grab one of the delicious cocktails from the bar. The drinks give you summer vibes, while bartenders greet you with a welcoming smile and serve you pleasurable drinks that keep you interested in what’s next for you future visit!

And there you have it folks. Another interesting and exciting place to visit while you are here in Memphis. It’s going to be a hot barbecue summer and you do not want to miss this. Visit Eat Big Bill’s at one of the franchised locations to enjoy a delicious meal or one of the crow favorites. You can follow Big Bill’s on all social media plat forms, and for more information visit I am Kahdejah Evonne and thank you for tuning in to my blog @conversationswithevonne, see you this summer in the world of barbecue. Be blessed.

Be sure to check out Big Bill’s Barbecue at each of its Memphis locations a perfect mood for this summer.

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Life Coaching 101: “Millennials and Love”

Maybe They Like You Maybe They Don’t“

Maybe he or she likes you, maybe they don’t. It could all be so confusing in today’s society why dating in this generation of people could be so hard. From a psychological stand point, millennials have a very short attention span, yet that is not the only reason it is so hard to date during this time, you as well as your friends, are also sucked into this trans of the fear of not finding the right one. This my friends is for sure why most people are afraid to date. Recently, I finished writing my poem book, “From The Eyes Of A Black Woman.” In this book, there are approximately 27 poems I have written over the span of 2 years that develop a sense of truth from not only my eyes, yet others. To get to the “nitty gritty,” I wrote a poem called “Loving Too Hard.” In this poem it is expressed exactly how one may feel while trying to express themselves in today’s environment of not so emotional yet, extremely emotional individuals.

“Loving Too Hard” from “The Eyes Of A Black Woman”

This generation. (laughs)
Two hearts can be fully connected but stubbornness, sitting in the tub of naive and the idea of commitment will hurt someone before they even have been mentally hurt!
Loving too hard……
We hurt ourselves mentally by overthinking before it even happens, but that’s just this generation
Loving too hard……
We fight for the embarrassment of one
Another’s souls
Other than liberation
but that’s just this generation
And giving to the nation
Of the liberated love
That cures all
This generation. (laughs)
Loving too hard……
Two hearts can be fully connected but stubbornness, sitting in the tub of naive and the idea of commitment will hurt someone before they even have been mentally hurt!
Because this generation is (laughs) Loving too hard……

3 Tips To Use Caution While Expressing Love

Ok since we all are so scared to love, how about we actually practice doing it. Another problem with this generation is we put all of eggs into one basket., we give everything our all and if it doesn’t go our way, we simply stop. Not smart at all people. Humans need love, and there is someone out there for everybody. Yet you have to open up for that someone to come. Here are 3 tips that help you use caution be expressing love in other words, setting boundaries.

  • Knowing What You Want- Ok, this is not rocket science yet this is exactly what we as a whole need to know. We sit and say all day that we know what we want, yet still fall deep into what the other person wants, this is a boundary that needs to be set for yourself
  • Being Responsible Of Your Feelings- As adults, we are not responsible, this is also a way to know what we want. Once we know what we want, we now have to put that into to play, making what we want our responsibility, this is also a great case of self love. As kids, when we didn’t want something and it was forced on us, like eating too many veggies, it made us cry, why, because we didn’t like it! So in this case, you need to go back to what you know, or what you knew. If you KNOW you do not like something, yet still condone in it, and it is hurting you, or not good for you, this is YOUR FAULT. You are not being responsible with your feelings and the blame cannot go on anyone else.
  • Talk About Your Feelings- While typing this, I literally laughed. Speaking about your feelings in this generation is not a cliche. The fact that we have judge one another because of how we feel has created another area of fear for this generation. It is true when your parents and or grandparents say, “close mouth does not get feed.” We are so afraid of how we will be viewed which will also cause us to miss out on love.

The Psychology of Millennials and Love

To sum up, the psychology of millennials and love is practically fear. They are scared, and since pain has happened it has created an anxiety on this generation that controls their every move. Anxiety, is so close to fear as it is happiness. Some millennials, well we shall say the majority, fear happiness, and we also think everything comes easy. Safe to say we can blame that on modern day technology, we LITERALLY don’t have to work for much. Even McDonalds cashiers have machines that do their work for them now. The point of me writing the above poem is to prove that your peers do want someone badly, it’s just the anxiety of it all that is making this whole thing an issue, the fear as to “what’s next,” and “am I really going to be with this person.” The most accurate thing I could tell millennials to do is just date. Date around be your best self and do it with no fear, yet do it with caution .

To listen to my podcast Season 1 Episode 5 “Expressing Love & Handling Rejection,” click here.

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Episode 9: Dating In Memphis: “The Baby Daddy”

“This my son, doesn’t he look just like me?”

“First off where is your baby momma?” My home girl was not about to deal with this crap this man was giving her. She knew he was lying from the crack of his teeth. His nice teeth at that. It just amazed me how baby father’s were so attractive but no good. At least we knew that anyway, since we assumed this all because he did not work out with his baby mother. “Man, I don’t even talk to her no more,” he started to chuckle. But what good was he if he wasn’t even with her, so you mean to tell us everything you had going on was a mistake, and the baby was only a result of unprotected sex. My friend has been dealing with this toxic individual for 6 months now, and he just would not stop messing with his baby mother.

She once informed me about how it was so much “baby momma drama,” due to the simple fact his baby mother did not want to leave him alone and informed her that, “he will always be there.” My friend had a run in with his baby mother multiple times and did not want to put up with him anymore. But something kept holding her back. I honestly feel from a psychology stand point that, it’s the fact that a woman is lusting and desiring a man, that is what’s making her want him even more. Or the simple fact that she cannot fully have him the way she wants, so she gets stuck in the fight she puts up to keep him. You get so caught up in playing step mom that you forget the kid has a real mom, I told her don’t mess with this man unless he’s ready to give her a ring, if he’s not mature, he’s only damaged goods. But dealing with a baby daddy in Memphis will only result in some form of baby momma drama, she surly won’t bag down if she has no life, and you won’t either. Girl no matter how fine that baby daddy is, and I promise you they do become very attractive, if it’s not a good fit, leave him alone, because dealing with one of them, you will be pregnant for the remainder of your life.

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Episode 8: Dating In Memphis: “The Trainer”

“Girl he has to be dating everyone”

“See, all I do is train women to get in shape, it’s a shame I still attract all the wrong women who just want sexual relations.” He stood there irritated because he was one of the few who actually wanted a girlfriend in Memphis. You rarely see guys with this much passion, yet he was already categorized as a “thot”. There’s nothing worst than a male thot in Memphis, at least that’s what all the women think. Being one of these you either pick up the wrong woman and get betrayed by the right woman because, yeah she has been hurt by all the male “thots.”

The fact that my friend even has a multitude of women on his list providing training services put him in this predicament. But also the fact that it’s other trainers actually sleeping with the women made it excessively hard to get in a relationship as well. Dating women in Memphis is like one of those box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get until you bite into it. Yet a lot of what he was getting was indeed insecurities. I mean, he was training beautiful women and women of all sizes. What woman wouldn’t feel like this. What this woman needs to know indefinitely is this, what’s the big deal, it’s definitely all in your head.

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Episode 7: Dating in Memphis “The Church Boy”

“Come to church”

“She gotta go to church if she date me, I’m looking for a wife and she must be Godly.” He said this with so much emphasis, tailored in a nice suit as well all sat in the living room of my best friend’s apartment. “There is no way I’m dating a girl who does not believe in going to church, my dad or mom not going for that.” He then explained that his father was a pastor of one of the biggest churches in Memphis and of course his mom being the First Lady she had to “ok” whomever came through her door. You could tell he came from a good family, knew his word and was very handsome to the eye. Church boys in Memphis have swag, I mean fashion is on one-hundred and you wouldn’t even know they wear designer. If you even look at these young men, you honestly have to be church prone. This guy was not letting up about church and I don’t blame him, keeping your spirituality with God alive is important and messing with the wrong person proves you have too much to lose. It’s not much to them, but they are still in the crowd when you date in Memphis.



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Episode 6: Dating in Memphis “The Entrepreneur”

“All my friends have money, no you can’t sit with us”

“See I’m going to be honest sweety, my business failed 3 times before I became who I am, you got to have that drive to sale.” What business did he really have anyway I thought. You will see him all the time at the best spots in Memphis including all the cigar lounges, just that modern suit and tie man swag, but sometimes will rock a hat and tennis shoes. “If you want to talk more about business I could give you some pointers, you’re very attractive and impressive to me because you do the same thing I do, and I don’t get impressed often.” With these men you HAVE to be like them. It’s either you got it or you don’t and they are very picky, yet then again they are not, they just want the proper love yet fall in love more with a woman with ideas, successful ideas and entrepreneurship abilities at that, with an ounce of stability. To them, that is very attractive.

I’m not going to lie, the entrepreneurs in Memphis have the game down pack. They know how to manage money more and have an array of friends. If you would want to date any of them they would be the ones to date. They’re too busy to play games, but that doesn’t mean they are too quick to pick you. The mind of an entrepreneur is careful and only care free when it comes to enjoyment with no cost. It’s all about pros and cons when it comes to them, and they do this with every situation. But honestly, they do pick the best.

“See I don’t want a woman who is going to give me headache, I have a job to do. She has to be almost EXACTLY similar to me, hard working and also working or having a good credit score.” Lol an entrepreneur talks a good game, but he for sure also ran the game. He was his own boss, but fully about his business when he it came to his relationships and his woman. “Play is play but business is always business,” he said. To be with an entrepreneur you have to have drive, can’t be a weak woman or man messing with them, further more they need continuous support, love, communication and attention. Because deep down inside of them there is someone dying anyway, because they have been on this road for so long, and yes of course, they need and want someone they can spend all of that money with, as well as make happy “money times, and travel. They are honestly the best picks. Hard working men, sometimes difficult when it comes to women, but dangit they are loyal, lol and FINE!!!



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Episode 5: Dating in Memphis: “The College Girl”

“I’m looking for a baller”

“Hold on girl I gotta turn the paper in before we hit the club,” she said. I don’t even know why I’m going out with this child . She is my friend but a few months out of undergrad makes a huge difference, and she proved it. “Girl tonight, it’s this fine Nupe want me to come over, but he has a girlfriend, he told me they not really together though, I mean he calls me every now and then, he texts me all the time, I mean I like him but anyway yes girl he will be at LOVE tonight.” “The question is, are you even old enough for love, and how old is this Nupe?” She laughed and said,”now you know I have a fake I.D, why you playing.” I instantly got uncomfortable. Girl I didn’t even go to a club when I was her age like IN LOVE. She’s more ready than I have ever been. She was fly though, just “hot in the pants,” don’t know any better and breath smelled like pure Henny. Now she was offering me shots, I laughed and said “ girl I don’t drink like that no more.”

From her understanding I wasn’t turnt enough. We get in the car and she started going on and on about this promoter who was going to let us in free. “Mane how he look,” I said. “Girl tall and lean, and he stay with the latest fashion on, I mean fly, he promised me red bottoms.” Lol, red bottoms, tall & lean? “You talking about *****,” I said. “Yes him,” she said with excitement. “Girl he so fine, he got me a $300 booth tonight and some bottles, but I’m looking forward to seeing my Nupe.” This girl was head over hills for men, I mean she was banging everybody. Whoever she wanted she got with them, then she will hit me up all in her feelings about how somebody has played her. I will feel sorry cause I know how those college stages go. One time in school she got so intoxicated I had to literally carry her to her room. Then she started crying saying ******** was in the party with another female and won’t text her back. So much for the stick up college kid. She just didn’t know she was beautiful though, remind myself a lot of me.

“Come on girl there he go!” She got out the car and pulled her little shiny dress down to rush to the door to meet this guy. Now y’all wouldn’t even believe it. It was my friend, the same guy my home girl was infatuated with. Man, I tell you about these promoters. “Wassup girl,” he said. I looked at him and smirked, he knew exactly what I knew, but I wasn’t going to even say anything, don’t need him hitting me up asking me why I “blew up the spot.”

We get in the night club with this fake I.D she has saying she was 36 years old. Ha! If her dress wasn’t so small they probably wouldn’t turnt her around. Before we even make it in, shot after shot after shot, went down this college chicks throat, she even “drove the boat,” a few times from a few bottles the guy brought her. “There he go omg,” she said intoxicated, I guess it was the Nupe she was so excited about as well. I bend down to pick my wine glass off the ground and look up to she who she was running to, it was “The Player.” Dang….I knew these men were up to no good. But hey, that’s dating in Memphis. Now him and the promoter into it. I just sat back and laughed, this ought to be good.



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Episode 3: “The Player”

“I can have anything I want, any woman I want, whenever I want.”

So now, I’m at the WKND hang suite in Downtown Memphis, enjoying times with friends is the greatest days of them all. My home girl and I decided to go out and enjoy the Memphis scene. Since this spot is not a club in which we are fun of but not too much, we hang here all the time. “Girl, it is some nice looking men in here,” she said. She scopes the room and from the corner of my eye I see this tall guy walk forward. He grabs my hand and instantly I blush. “Wassup,” he said. It’s funny how my whole world turned when this guy looked at me. But after a few seconds of looking at his adoring smile, white teeth and smooth dark skin I knew he was up to no good. “You look beautiful as always,” he smirked. Now I’m not the “go for anything minded woman,” but boy did I go for him.

See in my lifetime I’ve had my time with “players.” But my definition of player is completely different from Memphis. A real player gets what he wants out of a woman and plays all sorts of games. Yet knowing I was a laid back female and not into the business of playing those games I decided to be the ultimate “player,” myself. “You look good too,” I said to him smiling. After a few more moments of talking we hugged and he went on about his night. See the problem with women is we spark players, we give them what they want without them evening working or asking for it. That’s what makes him a player, not talking to multiple women, that’s dating. But helping him complete his motives with the goals of “getting in your jeans,” or buying him something even time, that’s when he becomes a player, and yes sis he played you. This is what they mean by, “don’t hate the player hate the game.” Just don’t get the game ran on you. Girl, don’t be afraid of a player, he’s still a man, like every other man with feelings, treat him as such. Yet, it doesn’t make him any less of a man because he ran game. We just have to be careful. But let’s not forget he did tell me, “I can have anything I want, any woman I want, whenever I want.” Which is true, I believe him. And I can too. I’m not going to stop you from enjoying anything you want, at this mere moment, it just won’t be me. You are still extremely attractive though *sends text message* “lets be friends.” Lol I swear y’all, this is dating in Memphis.



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Dating In Memphis Episode 2: “The Celibate Female”

“Girl, it’s hard being celibate in Memphis, but it’s safe”

So there’s this friend I have, and she is one of the sweetest people I know in Memphis. Very fun to hang around, very laid back and chilled, men love her but they will date her under one condition, if she decides to have relations with them. Talk about hard for her. With so many men in Memphis and her being one of the attractive ones, minus the likes, it makes it even harder. I think it’s the level of men we choose.

See yes, in Memphis there’s levels to relationships. It’s all about the brackets. Now a days they aren’t choosing any woman or man to be with, it’s a city girl or city boy vibe, it’s either you got it or you don’t. Honestly, in a way, that’s sexually, social and financially. They don’t care if you are more insane to walk outside cold feet with rain, if you have those three above you are in the loop. Now oh I didn’t give you her name, sorry this information is confidential. But she did allow me to write this blog about her so be thankful for that. I once asked her how was it being celibate in a city full of attractive men. The thing is she still hangs out with friends, she still actually talk to men, but she’s never alone with one. Now before hand, she was not this woman. She was sexually active and had every man she wanted, how ever she wanted if you know what I mean.

“I just decided to go for God’s peace,” she said. “These men can’t do a thing for me unmarried, but give me a baby and a massive headache.” Which she is right. She told me about this time one of her closest friends slept with her man and she caught them. I mean, this girl was at her home every night complimenting how good of a woman she was to “her man,” and went behind her back to sleep with him. She even taught the girl how to cook. That is insane, I said to myself then, here you are my friend I’m teaching you all the slopes of being a good woman and you go sleep with my man. Talk about being hurt. So now I don’t know if she is celibate because of past pains and things of that nature, or is it just to be closer to Godliness. I mean she is a constant church goer and works diligently in her community. “You know,” she said, “after catching her with him I wanted to kill her, but that’s far against my religion.” Lol, we know sis, we know.



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Dating In Memphis Episode 1: “The Independent Female”

“I mean what she have that I don’t”

Ok so again welcome to the “In Between Blog,” be amazed and hold your seats because this is going to be interesting. So we have a 29 year old female, perfectly in her prime. She is one of the most gorgeous in Memphis, yet men truly don’t treat her like it. Sometimes I don’t get men, how dare you ridicule something so amazing right before your eyes. Now this is not the ordinary girl, I don’t want to get too deep into her finances but sis got it made. I once asked her why deal with men of such annoyance, she said she is just a “real one,” and decided not to let it go too soon. Yet, I feel her. Here in Memphis you don’t want to categorized as a “thot,” and one who does not care about your reputation of appearance, but unfortunately that’s who they date. So they crap can be quite common. This woman for sure is all about that.

Now I have very good friends, deep in their careers on the way to six figures and I just had to blog about this. She has assumed the position of loyalty for countless men, but what the heck makes them think they can come at her like that. See men are sometimes out of there way, when you have a woman who has it all of the much together and gives you loyalty how could you not settle down. This is not the typical relationship in the city, yet millennials who are typically trying to get it together.

So here we go, it’s time for me to give the the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So we were out eating one day and she told me about this guy. “He is sweet, but he needs to get it together,” she said. I lean in more to listen because knowing I’m 23 I felt I could learn a tad bit more from her. So she told me about this incident. This blew my mind. Now this young woman has bands, and a man probably would lay at her feet to be with her. Yet her spirit is so humble that she likes who she likes. Which is typically ok. So the conversation went something like this.

Her: “Girl, do you know that he came to my house the other day, and there was my best friend sitting waiting , just enjoying time with me and my other friend.”

So after hearing this of course, I lean in closer.

Her: “So I haven’t talked to him much, and he came to knock on my door, see the guy that was at my house was only my friend, that’s it, but do you know he rushed into my home after I told him not to come in, I mean I scared him a bit. It almost seemed as if my best friend was there for me, but I only did it because I’m tired of his crap, he came in the house and couldn’t even control his feelings, I told him he needs a psychiatrist.”

So wait wait, before we even go into the incident. She told me that guy basically said, they are just “dating.” So if you don’t know what “just dating means,” it means we are basically not together but I want the benefits of being with you regardless. So therefore,her friend who had a boyfriend only was there to “hang out,” but the guy she was dating went crazy. Talk about guilty. He was definitely scared she was dating someone else. Now wait a minute. How is that even cool. We put all our time and effort into you and you say “we are just dating?” But she likes this guy who rushed into her home when he saw the other man, I mean genuinely. Me being as psychology professional I almost went deeply into a psychoanalysis type interview about the man’s past. But there is not exact point in that due to so many men acting the same.

I mean, this is Memphis. It’s the city most men are typically chasing the same women. They don’t look at those who are set aside from the rest, who don’t have 19.8k likes on Instagram (in which these women bought,) and trying to chase the reality life. Lol, and this is one of the problems sis was having. Men don’t realize the lies that are right before them, it wasn’t the beauty that sis was having but the fact that men are more likely to chase the fame of the female instead of the female itself. She told me about how these guys do that. Memphis is not a small city but it is, so therefore the most “famous” social media women are praised. It doesn’t even matter if they have kids or not, or you have this high tech millennials money making job, the likes is what gets them.

Again, we have the ideal woman sitting in front of us, but men in Memphis rather chase the fake. I felt for her telling me her story but I don’t want to get too deep. But these women on social media just kept coming up. In Memphis, they want to live the fake life, not people who are really out here doing it, and because of that it’s making her love life suck. It sad because I would believe she would be one of the first. To get married, but dating in Memphis is all about I guess likes. So welcome to “Dating In the City,” or the city of Memphis where if you don’t have a like, we hate you or ignore the hype. Honestly screw those likes, I’m my city we are the real ballers, not some fake wana-bees who want to get out. But she like she said before,”be careful what we you wish for cause you just might get it.” But seriously, if you want to date or be somebody, you have to be about something. The is “Dating in Memphis,” and Kahdejah Evonne and I am checking out.

P,S I can’t wait for this summer, it’s gonna be brilliant!


theauthordailymemphis ft.

”The In Between Blog”