Pyramid Scheme or Circle of Death, Social Media Followers Lose Hundreds Hoping to Gain $800

A Game You Could Never Get Out Of

The pyramid scheme has risen again since the #COVID-19 has come into play. Thousands of young individuals have entered this game, not knowing that it is fairly illegal. Especially in the United States. The game is very easy to play, convincing vulnerable people that they will receive fast money, if they put forth money first. Young business owners have decided to use this scheme hoping they could possibly invest more into their businesses. Yet eventually, the hopes of receiving the $800 became a nightmare. The game is one you cannot get out of, one day you have been convinced to enter, you now have to work hard to convince others to put forth money as well, developing you into a part of the “scheme” and you don’t know it.

An excerpt from google, explains the illegal values of the “scheme”

How Its Played

A “pyramid scheme” board made by money developing individuals

The game is simple, at least the person in the middle says this all over social media, one person starts the board, and convinces 8 others to invest $100 into them, then they are moved out of the board. The next person is up, and the rest of the group has to keep convincing others to invest in the game, if the game continues, others hope to hit the center to get their money, but if someone bags out, you are eventually left with nothing, either way, someone or everyone has to lose, except, the person who started the game of course.

Multiple social media followers have reached out explain how they have been scammed out of there money, prior to being asked do they want to make an “Investment.” People have reached out to one another as they have found out that the money they have put in is not being returned to them, originators of the board game are deleting their Facebook accounts and blocking gamers from their social media.

If you have done your research, the scheme is illegal in multiple countries, including Canada, which has a major lawsuit filed against them in 2008, resulting in a class act lawsuit against the incorporation. The lawsuit resulted in multiple payees receiving their “investments” back and other doing a great deal of jail time. Then continues to another lawsuit, that was worth 6.5 million dollars, while a inventor used the scheme for a “vacation package” investment. To read more on this article click here. Let’s not forget how the scheme was also developed in New York, that was an article developed recently in 2018, the Bernie Madoff scandal to be exact. The article made the New York Times as Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for scamming “investors,” with this scheme.

“Judge Denny Chin condemned his crimes as “extraordinarily evil” and imposed a sentence that was three times as long as the federal probation office suggested and more than 10 times as long as defense lawyers had requested.”

-New York Times

To read more on this article click here.

Our Advice To Angry Individuals

Conversations with Evonne is urging individuals to do their research before entering this game. You do not know who you are playing with. Do not give your money or cash app information to anyone whom you don’t trust, don’t know and is apart of this scheme. $100 willl make you feel more miserable than sorry. I am Kahdejah Evonne, and this is Conversations with Evonne, and I thank you for tuning in, be safe and God Bless you.

Conversations With Evonne Offering Free “College Readiness” Coaching To College Student During The COVID-19 Crisis

“We will get through this together”

The COVID-19 crisis, better know as “Coronavirus,” has effected individuals around the nation and GLOBALLY. Businesses, events, and stadiums have all shut down putting a halt on everyday life. With so much going on and so little movement, quarantine has been the best, yet effective, answer to stop the spread of this virus. But another form of it, is positivity and Kahdejah Evonne has lived and strived for good counsel, as well as individuality. Since this and hope has been working, America has come together to put an end to this particular area. Yet, something else that America resides on has ended, that is the hope for tomorrow regarding our upcoming doctors, teachers, medical professionals, and workforce men this is, our college students.

The Closing of Colleges and Schools

With everything else closing around America, another major area was colleges and schools. Parents of small children and young adults woke up with concern for their children will be away from professional studies as well as college students whom have never experienced a computer as the typical college life.

Conversations with Evonne Life Coaching & Consulting Firm

Now, Conversations with Evonne is bringing a new flow. As we know Kahdejah Evonne Stevens, is a Life Coach, business woman and Consultant, using her blog as branding and content for big names and businesses around Memphis. Her blog is known for its quality and style, as well as her ability to write books and counsel people through her motivational conversations and as a psychological anger management specialist. Yet another thing she teaches is stress relief, teaching people to battle with doubts and insecurities helps as well. Kahdejah Evonne is a college student herself, working on her Doctorate of Behavioral Health which is strictly online as well, she is an “A” student. Yet did we forget to mention she is the 8th Entrepreneurship teacher at Hanley Middle Schools, so therefore structure and work mixed with a lot of fun and Jesus, is all she knows. If you think anything is treacherous and strenuous, trying writing a 16-page Clinical Psychology doctoral paper in just one night, with research for justifications. As a life coach, psychology professional, business woman and consultant , Conversations with Evonne has exactly what you need. Within her Life Coaching and Consulting brand, she has developed multiple curriculums for coaching individuals to reach an area of success, one in fact is “College Readiness,” which is very needed for college students today.

College Readiness Curriculum

So what does the “College Readiness” Life Coaching Packet consist of? It contains a phone consultation of where you want to be by the end of the semester, an optimistic structured academic time frame for homework, and a college readiness plan that will give you stress relief as well as plenty of time to still give yourself and your family. If you are interested in this free Life Coaching program, please contact Comversations with Evonne via email: or on her Instagram account @conversationswithevonne. You could also contact her on Facebook via search engine “Kahdejah Evonne Stevens.” Or take the time to listen to our motivational podcast which has 1.5k listeners. We look forward to meeting with you, and thank you for contacting us during this crisis. God Bless and we, with God, will get through this TOGETHER. Be blessed and safe out there lovelies.

Sincerely, Conversations with Evonne

Life Coaching 101: “Millennials and Love”

Maybe They Like You Maybe They Don’t“

Maybe he or she likes you, maybe they don’t. It could all be so confusing in today’s society why dating in this generation of people could be so hard. From a psychological stand point, millennials have a very short attention span, yet that is not the only reason it is so hard to date during this time, you as well as your friends, are also sucked into this trans of the fear of not finding the right one. This my friends is for sure why most people are afraid to date. Recently, I finished writing my poem book, “From The Eyes Of A Black Woman.” In this book, there are approximately 27 poems I have written over the span of 2 years that develop a sense of truth from not only my eyes, yet others. To get to the “nitty gritty,” I wrote a poem called “Loving Too Hard.” In this poem it is expressed exactly how one may feel while trying to express themselves in today’s environment of not so emotional yet, extremely emotional individuals.

“Loving Too Hard” from “The Eyes Of A Black Woman”

This generation. (laughs)
Two hearts can be fully connected but stubbornness, sitting in the tub of naive and the idea of commitment will hurt someone before they even have been mentally hurt!
Loving too hard……
We hurt ourselves mentally by overthinking before it even happens, but that’s just this generation
Loving too hard……
We fight for the embarrassment of one
Another’s souls
Other than liberation
but that’s just this generation
And giving to the nation
Of the liberated love
That cures all
This generation. (laughs)
Loving too hard……
Two hearts can be fully connected but stubbornness, sitting in the tub of naive and the idea of commitment will hurt someone before they even have been mentally hurt!
Because this generation is (laughs) Loving too hard……

3 Tips To Use Caution While Expressing Love

Ok since we all are so scared to love, how about we actually practice doing it. Another problem with this generation is we put all of eggs into one basket., we give everything our all and if it doesn’t go our way, we simply stop. Not smart at all people. Humans need love, and there is someone out there for everybody. Yet you have to open up for that someone to come. Here are 3 tips that help you use caution be expressing love in other words, setting boundaries.

  • Knowing What You Want- Ok, this is not rocket science yet this is exactly what we as a whole need to know. We sit and say all day that we know what we want, yet still fall deep into what the other person wants, this is a boundary that needs to be set for yourself
  • Being Responsible Of Your Feelings- As adults, we are not responsible, this is also a way to know what we want. Once we know what we want, we now have to put that into to play, making what we want our responsibility, this is also a great case of self love. As kids, when we didn’t want something and it was forced on us, like eating too many veggies, it made us cry, why, because we didn’t like it! So in this case, you need to go back to what you know, or what you knew. If you KNOW you do not like something, yet still condone in it, and it is hurting you, or not good for you, this is YOUR FAULT. You are not being responsible with your feelings and the blame cannot go on anyone else.
  • Talk About Your Feelings- While typing this, I literally laughed. Speaking about your feelings in this generation is not a cliche. The fact that we have judge one another because of how we feel has created another area of fear for this generation. It is true when your parents and or grandparents say, “close mouth does not get feed.” We are so afraid of how we will be viewed which will also cause us to miss out on love.

The Psychology of Millennials and Love

To sum up, the psychology of millennials and love is practically fear. They are scared, and since pain has happened it has created an anxiety on this generation that controls their every move. Anxiety, is so close to fear as it is happiness. Some millennials, well we shall say the majority, fear happiness, and we also think everything comes easy. Safe to say we can blame that on modern day technology, we LITERALLY don’t have to work for much. Even McDonalds cashiers have machines that do their work for them now. The point of me writing the above poem is to prove that your peers do want someone badly, it’s just the anxiety of it all that is making this whole thing an issue, the fear as to “what’s next,” and “am I really going to be with this person.” The most accurate thing I could tell millennials to do is just date. Date around be your best self and do it with no fear, yet do it with caution .

To listen to my podcast Season 1 Episode 5 “Expressing Love & Handling Rejection,” click here.