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Evonne’s Publishing House and Productions Company is a book publishing company whose mission is to provided realistic, heartfelt literature to urban African American communities through books, screens plays and creative arts.


To celebrate continuous years of black authors, poets, philanthropist, filmmakers, dancers and actors while developing a steady platform of freedom.

Memphis Author, Entrepreneur, and Psychology Professional Kahdejah Evonne Stevens’ Book “Bonded”, to Be Transformed Into Screen Play Production.

Meet the Author Kahdejah E. Stevens
Meet the Author Kahdejah E. Stevens

Kahdejah E. Stevens a Memphis native, author, entrepreneur and psychology professional is the owner of Conversations with Evonne entrepreneurship mall, podcast, blog and #BlackOwned business directory. She is daughter of Kimberly Ann Hawkins and Leon Stevens of Memphis, TN. Kahdejah has a passion for her community and catering to the mental health of those around her by pursing her license in Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as the entrepreneurial Doctorate of Behavioral Health. She is the owner of Painting in the City Paint & Sip Studio and Art Gallery, as well as Evonne’s Place Behavioral Health Clinic and Creative Wellness Studios, instructing individuals to balance out mental health disabilities through creative arts and language. She is the founder of Evonne’s Publishing House and Productions Company, a self publishing company inviting creative writers of African heritage to produce and celebrate the importance of black arts and literature. As an author herself, majority of Kahdejah’s books are self- help books, in relation to the psychological study of the African American woman, from her female empowerment book series WOMAN. She has hope and dreams of becoming a philanthropist, black doctor and powerful voice of the African American community. Kahdejah E. Stevens is #BlackExcellence.

 Black author, entrepreneur and psychology professional Kahdejah Evonne Stevens writes a tale of multicultural diversity and the connection of friendship through colorism as well as social differences, Bonded from her female empowerment book series WOMAN, (2019).The 1920s was a time of energizing social changes and significant social clashes. The outcome was not at all good in fact a cultural civil war,  in which a civilization conflicted sharply over such issues as an unfamiliar movement, immigration, the Ku Klux Klan, women’s rights, prohibition and race. Bonded is a story of two girls Daisy and Anne,  whose friendship grew stronger as they developed into young women. The story started with Daisy reminiscing on the times that her and Anne had after her mother, Dorthea, kicked Anne and her mother Mary Lou out of the mayor’s house. These differences of the two did not exempt them from being friends, yet the social curve of the 1920’s made this friendship non-existent. Anne was the daughter of a house maid, and Daisy was the daughter Sevester Lanchester, the Mayor of Tyranne, Mississippi. 

     Life was different for a colored negro and white girl in these times. In Tyranne, MS laid a 10 mile train track and a hidden pond that separated the poor from the middle as well as upper class individuals. To Daisy, life living on the left side of the train tracks was a norm, having house maids like Mary Lou and handy helpers like Anne was her everyday life. But to Anne, walking 5 miles everyday to go to the Mayor’s house was a privilege. Not all negros seen the left side of the tracks, yet Anne did, so to the others back in her neighboorhood, it made her quite different. 

  The two girls were extremely close, even though Daisy was encouraged by her mother Dorthea, to play with the girls down the way, Anne still was Daisy’s favorite, with Daisy there was no skin color in her eyes, yet Anne felt every bit of how it felt to be a negro in the south. The two had constant thoughts of growing apart, but did not realize how deep their friendship really was until the wind blew the hearts closer together. Yet the town of Tyranne, Mississippi was not ready for the friendship that the girls produced, it may have bonded them together, yet will it depart the small city for weeks and months to come? 

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