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Owner and CEO Of Conversations with Evonne Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog, Podcast, Mental Health & Entrepreneurship Platform

Who is Kahdejah Evonne Stevens?

Kahdejah Evonne Stevens is a native of Memphis, TN. She grew up in the area of North Memphis, where she attended Vollentine Elementary School, Cypress Middle School, Craigmont Middle School, Trezevant Hig School then advancing her career to Mississippi Valley State University as a Division-One Athlete as was as Kentucky State University. She is a graduate of MVSU with a Bachelors of Science in Health & Physical Education, as well as Capella University with a Professional Master’s Of Clinical Psychology Applied Research. Evonne holds a multitude of certifications in certificates in the psychology world including: Counseling Children and Adolescence, Child Psychology, Anger Management and Stress Reductions, Diploma of Mental Health Studies, as well as soon to be certification in Suicide Intervention as the Instructor. Evonne has a heart for low poverty communities as she is an advocate for those living in these conditions, as she created the Conversations with Evonne platform to educate, direct and assist those in becoming entrepreneurs and business professionals who are mentally, financially and emotionally stable. Evonne chose entrepreneurship and financial stability teachings as her route due to recent psychology research showing that majority of those living in low poverty areas are minorities, who also have untreated mental instabilities, these spiral for financial instabilities and inadequate areas or resources of living. Evonne is also a victim of low poverty as she grew up in the projects of Binghampton and single parent home. Her message is to highlight the real affects that poverty could put on the human mind, why violence exist in the communities, black on black as well as low poverty crime rates, middle school as well as high school drop outs and much more. The CWE network gives people hope, as it teaches the appropriate adequate life skills to reverse the minds of low poverty thinking.

With this the CWE platform has multiple branches and is open to all.

CWE Podcast, Blog , Radio & Media Studio

With this the CWE platform has multiple branches and is open to all. Conversations with Evonne Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog, Podcast, Mental Health and Entrepreneurship Platform believes in the motivation of others throughout our network, and our network reaches far. With this being said, the CWE platform has multiple areas of media to relay our message of establishing entrepreneurship, professional development, financial, mental and emotional stability to our clients. The CWE network owns its own blog, podcast and media studio located at 3845 Viscount Avenue Suite 304. This platform allows top entrepreneurs to come speak about their difficulties in becoming who they are, as well as give tips and motivation to listeners lead by Kahdejah Evonne Stevens. Mental Health education is big within the platform, there for topics are connected to psychology and emotional health to help our listeners gain some tips and education on emotional stability and personal development while listening. The greatest motivation is interviewing top celebrities and entrepreneurs while expressing these topics, as well as covering media for big events from entrepreneurs around Memphis and guest on the show. Being a guest on the show does not only help listeners who are listening yet those more so developed business men and women for they say the studio ” is like therapy.” Evonne looks to aspire and help develop all as the branch is open to public relations/publicist work for upcoming artist, musicians, athletes, business man and celebrities. She has already had a multitude of clients coaching them on lifestyle developmental factors, research market analyzations (business psychology), relations to the public and making professional public event connections.

“The media is used to relay the message of professional, mental health, entrepreneurship, motivational and financial development in our communities”

Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

Conversations with Evonne Blog & Podcast Store/ Mental Merch

The CWE Platform Store is a blog and podcast store developed by Kahdejah Evonne Stevens to sell merchandise and products created by her. She is a 4x published book author and counting, a content specialist and entrepreneur. Here in this store you can find all the latest merchandise and mental health fashions from CEO Kahdejah Evonne, as well as coffee mugs from her signature Urban Mug Collections, Kahdejah Evonne’s Mental Health Tee Collection, inspiring jewelry, signed copy books, CWE motivational planners as well as journal, pens and much more. For where every mental health fashion purchase %15 percent of the purchase goes toward free mental health education, stress reduction and anger management services to an individual.

“Of course I needed a store to sell my products, how else more will relay the message, my books are motivational and self help books. My coffee cups gives you something motivational to look at in the morning, you can work hands on with me in my consulting classes, the whole point of my platform is to get you to believe you can do it if you stay focused, educate and develop yourself as well as work hard at it while losing all anxieties, because its yours if God says it is.”

Kahdejah E. Stevens

CWE Professional Mental Health Network

Kahdejah Evonne is also the owner of CWE Anger Management Clinic and Behavioral Health Studies as she is the specialist helping those outside of the network who live with mental health instabilities as a psychology research and mental health professional. Her main focus was youth, as she opened he first creative wellness studio “Evonne’s Place,” that will eventually reopen to the general public, and those seeking stress reduction coaching, anger management, psychology research study and help. The clinic will soon be name Conversations with Dr. Evonne Behavioral Health Clinic and Research Studies, as well as the platform, for she will soon graduate from Arizona State University with her Doctorate of Behavioral Health Management, continuing to connect mental health resources to those in our network and low poverty communities. Our network stretches far.

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