Entrepreneurship Burn Out

Entrepreneurship Burn Out 

The balance of being an entrepreneur and having healthy life style could contribute positive factors on the busy individual. Yet, it has been obvious that majority of entrepreneurs either work a regular job still, or work longer hours compared to what corporate American has for them. We are all aware the entrepreneurship is not easy. Imagine being the C.E.O and content specialist of your company. Even though you may feel you are built for this, the human brain can only take so much work in one day. That means even when you’re thinking, doing no heavy lifting work at all, you are still burning mental energy. This my friends, is one way burn out happens. 

Burn out comes doing a ton of work, yet reviving no reward or a negative outcome. Usually in entrepreneurship the fruits of your labor do not ripe until a few years after you have defeated your platform, some may receive these benefits the same night of creating a useful product. Yet everyone isn’t on the same journey. Feeling as if your business is not enough after all you have done can also lead to low confidence in an individual. This is why these thinking processes need to be reversed in order to avoid serious burnout and possible lose all access to yourself and your business. 

First let’s review some signs of burn out. 

  1. Lack of sleep or insomnia 
  2. Terrible eating habits and weight gain 
  3. Excessive drinking 
  4. Irritability 
  5. Lack of interest in business or activities 
  6. Over sleeping 
  7. Headaches 
  8. Anxiety 
  9. Stress 
  10. Body aches and pain 

Yes, these symptoms seem to be close to depressive symptoms. That is because you are very close to possible spiraling into depression if one is to keep over working their brains. No to mention the lack of confidence that will continue to rise in oneself. Yet how do you avoid this mental disruption or ease the symptoms that have already “caught you by surprise?” Here are some tips to help gather yourself, and get you back on your feet. Small areas of self treatment might take 1-3 months to regain interpersonal skills, if symptoms are worse please contact a professional to assist you on your journey. 

  1. Get more rest 
  2. Treat yourself to your favorite items (movies, snacks, every now and then)
  3. Eat healthy as much as possible 
  4. Try your best to exercise 3 times a week 
  5. Find stress reduction strategies (facials, massages)
  6. Hang out with friends 
  7. Put yourself on a happiness schedule 
  8. Try aroma therapy cancels for anxiety and depression 
  9. Speak to a professional 
  10. Stop yourself from working if it’s not on the schedule it cannot be done. 


-It’s ok to stop working when the day ends at 5pm, doing it tomorrow does now make you a failure it’s makes you human 

-Separate business from personal life. Put the books down for a change, stop, breath and go hang out with friends. 

-You cannot think when you’re stressed, you can only think when you’re healthy 

Well I hope this helps. Remember to take note for who you are, because the harder you work at your mental health and organization, the better entrepreneur you would becoming. A happy boss is a great boss. Stay strategic people. 

Kahdejah Evonne Stevens 

Owner of CWE M.E.E.T Network Promoting Mental Health, Entrepreneurship,Entertainment and Treatment in African American Communities

Masters In Clinical Psychology Applied Research 

Certified Suicide Prevention Instructor 

Certified Anger Management Specialist 

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