New Year, New Vibes, Higher Elevations & New Renovations Curtis Givens Is Taking Memphis Entertainment To Newer Heights without Complacencies In 2022

New Renovations Is Now In Effect

Mr.No Complacency

From looking at social media or even being in attendance to the events that have taken place in Memphis under the Givens administration, you have seen everything someone could give. At least that’s what we thought. Being complacent as an entrepreneur will land you in the gutter of all the other entrepreneurs who have decided to quit or throw in the towel due to no other ideas giving their business another spark. Yet one of the top entrepreneurs in Memphis and partners have decided that complacency is not on the bucket least for the year of 2022. The LoVe just keeps on giving. Sometimes when money is made and vibes have been set in stone, the “stopping point,” is the only thing that has been pulled out of the bag of tricks. Yet the ceilings remains higher for In LoVe Memphis as they are undergoing new renovations or as givens said “preparing to go to another level.” No longer the “pandemicprenuer,” Givens is now “Mr.No Complacent.”

The NEW Way To LoVe

The ship has already taken off, and everyone is hopping on board. We have already gotten a sneak peak of workers ripping the old LoVe we know down to the ground, and sweeping the floors clean so the “new way to LoVe” can fill the establishment. The Memphis residents are excited and cannot wait to see new entertainment come to the city. Social media is oozing with comments of curiosity and like everyone else the CWE Network is waiting for the ball to drop with photos of how the establishment will look for the next few years. Will there be new bar areas? Will there be new sitting arrangements for V.I.P and general admission? We would never know until the information is released to the public, yet until then, stay on the edge of your seats because the amazement is coming. The city of Memphis is in for a BIG treat.

Heads Up Curtis Givens Birthday All Star Weekend Is Approaching

That is correct! Announced on Instagram the all star weekend will be announced soon. Prepare for more greatness as plans are in the making now. Usually information is put out quicker, yet the New Year has the pot boiling over the top with a fresh new batch of entertainment. All in all, we know that you are excited for the greatness that is about to enter between the river and the bridge. Memphis is a city on the rise, from the renovations on the Memphis riverside to LoVe Night Lounge and more, the city is about to take an awesome turn in 2022. Are you ready to be apart of it?

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