Culture Shock The City Mourns: How Young Dolph’s Death Affected The Mental Health of Memphians

Memphis- a city of culture that defines its own norms. From our lingo to how we dress on the daily, Memphis is a beloved city to many including those who do not reside here. In the recent weeks Memphis had experienced a culture shock that stunned many and caused the city to go into rage. Yet why? The city of Memphis experienced a culture shock, one that tampered with our norms within our limits forever.

On November 17th, 2021 around 1p.m the regular Memphian will be preparing to visit a lounge to have a Wine Wednesday, or even shopping for food to prepare for the weekend-in this instance Thanksgiving. The city was also use to the Turkey Give Away that Young Dolph does every holiday through the MAM center. If you are a Memphian, what we experienced on this day was like no other. Memphis has two top rappers in the game that we adored dearly, even hearing our music while visiting other cities made us feel PROUD as Memphians. Yet when the news reported that someone was gunned down at a cookie shop, the world for Memphians stopped when it was pronounced to be rapper Young Dolph. Why? Because it was not normal.

Going to a cookie shop is normal, going to buy new shoes is normal, driving down Elvis Presley in a race car even if you don’t have one is normal. Yet not hearing a loud “ITS DOLPH,” ever again in person will never be normal to Memphians. We as a city will be scared forever, the news was traumatizing and affected everyone around us.

Memphis, Music & Culture

The word “Mane” may linger through your head on a constant repeat when you think of Memphis, even Adolph’s nick name was “Main Main.” Not only that the lingo is incorporated into our rappers music. Music in Memphis has been a tourist attraction since the Memphis Blues was established on the lovely Beale street. Since Memphis is known to be a low poverty city, Memphians are more protective or what’s theirs, and the culture was the most genuine thing the city held. The reason why so many are sad and mourning the loss of rapper Young Dolph is because he was a big part of our culture. Even those who never meet him cried tears of pain. It was almost like, the lights on the Memphis bridge were turned off. That’s how much the city has cried.

What Is A Culture Shock?

A culture shock is moving on and adjusting to a place, thing or language outside of your culture. Young Dolph created a culture for Memphis that followed the hustle that a lot of Memphians do on the daily. Yet his music changed the culture for the better. It taught Memphis to be confident in their jobs by him saying,” whatever you do just make sho you get paid.” It taught Memphians not to be afraid of where they come from and to give back to the community. It taught Memphis to be true to themselves in the midst of violence and misunderstanding. Young Dolph gave Memphians the “FACTS” that needed to be herd by Memphians and helped children who had parents through drug epidemics become great as well as be proud of their past, for it makes them who they are. He taught Memphians that being from the streets makes you high classed, through “High Class Street Music.” We as Memphians realized, that everything about his music, made us love who we are. The reason why the passing of Adolph Thornton affected so many Memphians emotionally is because we loss a piece of our culture….and the culture of Memphis gives us hope. We will never experience another culture like Adolph Thornton Jr. Whom people listened to just to get through the days of being a Memphian. This is how the shock affected the brain of the city…this diminished our norms and the chaos came from trying to find that balance between a “normal,” we will never have again. Yet, we must move forward for greatness will always live through us. The normal may have vanished, but the culture will always be here. Protected by us.

Rap In Peace…to the King Of Memphis. You will be truly missed. God bless you, your family and everything else that you have touched.

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