She Got Game League Partners With Memphis Grizzlies To Start Youth Basketball Girls League In Conclusion To 2021 Season Champs

CEO Celia Newman & Memphis Grizzlies Youth Basketball Program Coordinator

You Are A Champion

Lady Tigers Win 2021 Fall Season!

Congrats to the Lady Tigers for winning the She Got Game 2021 Fall Season. The ladies played their best as some of the highest scoring players of the season executed the floor as well as boards. The following League Awards were as followed:
•Scoring Leader :Shonice Sprouse
• Rebound Leader: Breanna RaShae
• Assist Leader: Ami McNear
• Steals Leader: Carrie Shepard
• League MVP: Tesia Thompson
•Finals MVP: Ashley Shields
Congratulations ladies on all of your efforts and continue to be great in all that you do and in all of your endeavors on as well as off the court!

Make Way For The Future

Aside from helping women CEO Celia Newman has reached another level of success while also grabbing the hands of young girls and pulling them into the future. She Got Game has officially partnered with the Grizzlies Youth Organization to start a Girls She Got Game organization to inspire young women. She Got Game is no stranger to giving back, for they have given over $10,000 into the community to the young professionals. Yet, this time it will be more hands on. The city of Memphis is excited about what is to come due to the mentors of the league being some of the city’s top players who have ever graced the floor. The young women are set to embark upon an awesome journey with these women, all lead by CEO Celia Newman. The blessings keep raining in as She Got League is proving the women run the world. This empowerment will soon be given to our young women. Way to go ladies.

With Open Hands, She Gives

As Drake said “Back To Back!” The league is such an inspiration. This year they gave $2,000 to Lady basketball teams to help with their seasons. Looking at the realness of Memphis, majority of our High Schools are in low poverty areas. This means, usually funding for sports teams are not completely in the budget or prioritized. Yet with She Got Game, the girls have a home. It is tearful to look at the league give thousands of dollars to young individuals to have the equipment they need. Trying to become successful in a low poverty area is challenging, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. The blessings that the girls received will encourage them to go harder on as well as off the court to make situations better for themselves. As our coaches always said, “you look good, you play good.” Yet with She Got Game, you look Good, You Play BETTER. Congratulations to the young ladies and we look forward to viewing you shine like stars in your upcoming seasons. Big thank you and a shout out to She Got Game, as well as CEO Celia Newman. Continue to do great works in our community.

Conversations with Evonne is a proud sponsor of She Got Game League. For more information please check back with us at for more information on upcoming seasons. Happy Holidays everyone and God bless you all wholeheartedly.

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