Bubba Dub, A Rise From Poverty To Features With Pop Smoke, Future, 50 cent, Quavo and A Social Media Comedy Sensation

The Rise From Poverty To Stardom

The Rise From Poverty To Stardom

Bubba Dub, you may see him shared countlessly on your Facebook and Instagram as the social media comedian shares his most personal jokes for the world to see. Bubba Dub expressed to the CWE Network how he wanted to bring the real to comedy, and thats just what he did. From the small town of Alto,Texas the comedian has brought in big views totaling up to 57 million just on YouTube.

Bubba is within of a generation of 24 grandkids, his mother whom was the working parent raised Bubba and his siblings off a $800 monthly check. Their father lived with Lupus and multiple amputations, which hindered him from working to better the family’s condition. Bubba explained how the effects of poverty drove him into depression mentally, especially when he grew to see how living in those conditions shapes him as a father for his children. “I remember going almost two years not buying me anything and buying everything for my children,” he said. He also explained how he wore the same shoes for years just to ensure his children were well taken care of. He also explained how his inspirations came from watching his family stop at 9th grade educations, and neither of his parents graduated from school. Of course, Bubba started his career from acts of courage, gaining confidence from watching his big brother finish college and following in his footsteps, Mr.Dubb has his eyes invested into other realms of education, that was educating the people about the realness of life in a funny way.

Let The Laughs Begin

Dubb loved the college life, yet eventually turned the other cheek to get a job and help raise his children. He worked for Blue Belle Ice Cream the majority of those years, yet eventually left to start his journey of everlasting laughter. He followed his dreams, found his purpose and explained how life was hard yet has been great every since. Upon his climb, he discussed a time he drove three hours to a show that only paid him $50. Yet the courage to even attend the show, makes us view how driven Bubba was to become who he is today. Even through family values, the disappointment of lack of help from his loved ones hurt him dearly. Bubba explained how they did not believe in his dream, he of course had to push for himself and believe in himself. He now feels like “the joke is on you,” as he continues to rise in fame and climb to the top featuring in the late Pop Smoke’s new album and single “Snitchin.”

“Snitchin” ft Pop Smoke, Quavo & Future with skit from Bubba Dub

“I Get Paid To Snitch” Bubba Dub Skit
Rap In Peace Pop Smoke

Your Talent Will Take You Far

Although the skit was directed towards Rapper Tekashi 69, 50 cent still decided to add the talent to the beginning of Track 8 on “Shoot For The Moon Aim For The Stars.” Bubba explained how his talents were a gift from God, and waking up to hear himself on a celebrity playlist was unbelievable, he then knew ever after all of his social media followers that his talent will take him places money will not. That is his name being brought up in rooms with top musical artist in one place, that is indeed nothing but God. Yet all and all, the funds came with the laughter and fun. Not only will Bubba Dub be compensated for his feature, yet his skit will be played over and over again by millions of other individuals around the world, now we only expect the greatest and congratulate Bubba Dub on all of his success. Can we say movie???

For more information on Bubba Dub you can follow him on Instagram @bubbadub94 and search Bubba Dub on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Tune back in to http://www.conversationswithevonne.com from more information on top celebrities and rising stars. I am Kahdejah Evonne and thank you for tuning in. Be blessed world.


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