Culture Shock The City Mourns: Memphis Original Rappers Pay Tribute To The Life Of Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. (Young Dolph)

The City Cries As Our Fallen Soldier Is In Preparation To Be Laid To Rest.

We Love You Adolph

We cannot say there isn’t any love in the city of Memphis, as the streets cry from the homicide of our very own Young Dolph. Born in Chicago yet raised in South Memphis, Young Dolph was an alumni of Hamilton High School, an entrepreneur,a philanthropist and mostly importantly a father…..

When the news confirmed the rapper’s death, social media was blasted with fans and friends as well as the crime scene. The area was filled with tears from those of all ages and colors. The confirmation of the man whom passed at Makeda’s Cookies in South Memphis was shocking to the entire nation. Young Dolph was home as well visiting an aunt whom had cancer and preparing for his annual thanksgiving giveaway.

Adolph gave thousands of dollars to his high school, turkeys to his community during thanksgiving, and helped young talent artist, comedians and individuals change their lives for the better. Tears continue to shed since the community icon lost his beloved life. From the Conversations with Evonne network we send condolences to his family, his friends and the entire Paper Route Empire….we love you Adolph. Rest easy, and God Bless.

Memphis Original Artist And Community Officials Pay Tribute To Young Dolph

It is refreshing to see the love come from other rappers to opened doors to those in Memphis speak there kindest words in the lost of Young Dolph. Artist including Project Pat, Juicy J and LaChat speak their condolences to the family yet still speak with pain and disbelief. Adolph was a great friend to many.

You Will Be Missed Dearly…

Although you are not here with us anymore, we thank God for the lives he has blessed you to change will you were with us. The city mourns your passing, yet your light has shined on those you have touched. We pray God continues to guide your family and the entire PRE to walk with God and in your foot steps. We pray he blesses everything you have touched for your family, kids and network abundantly. Well done father, entrepreneur and philanthropist. You will be missed…..Rap In Peace Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.

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