All Star Weekend Has Kicked Off For SHE GOT GAME Semi-Pro League in Memphis Headquarters

Last weekend the league seen an exceptional crowd for “Greek Night” photo with Owner Celia Newman and Media Sponsor Kahdejah Evonne (Conversations with Evonne)

She Got Game

Conversations with Evonne is proud to be a media sponsor of such an amazing league of women. All drafted by C.E.O Celia Newman who set forth to put her dreams on paper and make them come true. With her gratitude she has developed a league of enthusiasm, hard work and dedication for women who still love the game and want to play. “I just knew we needed a place to show that passion and dedication,” she said, “women come up to me all the time still thanking me for giving them the platform to do so.” The league has develop drastically since it’s first season, now have full teams of skilled women and over 10 teams in each season playing for the victory cup. The passion never ends within these floors.

Stretching across four different cities Chicago, Nashville, Huntsville and its headquarters Memphis, the league has recruited over 200 women who have decided to lace their sneakers up and leave it all on the court. Including notable players like Ashley Shields who has given Memphis and the WNBA a run for their money from playing with the Houston Comets hailing from Southwest Tennessee Community College, the RAWNESS is never ending.

The women have an area to dedicate their hearts to now and they have not come to play as some are even drafted by agents to play overseas basketball. The semi-pro league is opening doors to the big leagues, as exactly it should using its over the top potential not just for basketball, yet justice. Owner Celia Newman pays close attention to social justice issues that are taking place in America and has dedicated games to those who have passed from police brutality, in loving memory of Breonna Taylor who was gunned down in her home by Louisville,Kentucky police.

“Dear Basketball”

Celia Newman Owner of She Got Game Semi-Pro Women’s Basketball League

The league has even dedicated its efforts to the smaller generations as they donate funds, time and mentors to help young women and athletes who are growing into the lively hood of the game. Celia feels is it important to reach back to younger generations, for they are the key to success and our future. It is true, if we as a society create a platform for them now they would have something to build off of, as they travel the journey of becoming who they are.

She Got Game League is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of women in the world of sports!  Our mission is to create a support system and a platform to give them the tools necessary to be the best they can be in life.

She Got Game League
Funds being donated to The Farm League by Rachel Dorsey

Are You Ready? All-Star Weekend Is Here!

And now the fun begins. That’s right folks She Got Game All Star Weekend is in full effect as Memphis players are ready for skills challenges, games and much more. The kick off will take place at Raleigh-Egypt High School the whole weekend of September 24th-26th as players are preparing themselves for friendly battle, thats at least off the court. The women were recently drafted to All-Star teams as She Got Game top sponsors selected players to play. If you are ready to see the great wonders of Memphis most athletic women Raleigh Egypt High School is the place to be this weekend. Tickets are available at the door and hot concessions will be served. Get ready to witness something amazing. For more information be sure to check back to on the regular as CWE Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog, Podcast, Mental Health and Entrepreneurship Platform is the home of She Got Game. We are so proud of this fantastic league and how far it has come. We look forward to the amazing wonders it will continue to produce. Let’s go ladies!

Who run the world? GIRLS!


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