MVP Vibe Creates Marketing Platform For Independent Musicians, Vocal Artist and Poets

That’s A Vibe

Introducing the newly music marketing platform, this site helps users produce projects on a virtual stream, set up like a community not only for creators yet people looking to be the vibe we all have been waiting for! MVP Vibe (musicians, vocalist, and poets) has created a platform that centers around upcoming artist and creators into one community. MVP Vibe’s App & online network allows artist to post their upcoming involved in new talent. The great part about these vibes is the platform/ community is completely free, allowing artist to pick up donations from those who support them, as well as post creative content. Let’s take a better look into the platform, as it has developed additional opportunities that help promote talent all for the betterment of themselves.

The company established itself in October of 2017 and like majority of businesses, survived through the global pandemic. The witty idea came about when owners Eddie and Amanda Bankston took the love from their marriage and invested it into their hobbies, Amanda being in the business world and Eddie being an artist. 

They thought, “why not share this love and passion with everyone else?” Then advanced to start drafting information on paper for the development of the musical network. The two together created positive vibes, for Eddie understood the grind and hard work of an independent artist, while Amanda was big on the business marketing side. 

The two came up with amazing ideas to offer a platform that also added opportunities for independent artists. One in which was Vibe Sessions, allowing musical artist or anyone apart of the platform to be seen by big time producers and jet eyes in the industry.

You can now download the Vibe App in the Apple App Store

Vibe Sessions

Vibe sessions- a way for artist to present themselves in front of a supporting group of individuals with the fancy lights and cameras. These sessions are top tier as they are hosted monthly from one of the selected winners who post well thought of content on their accounts. The session includes a lively performance that is streamed professionally by the company within a high end productions studio in Houston, TX the Bohemian Photography Studios. Yet wait, there is a contest to be apart of this vibe. The contest in detail is based off the artist who has the highest profile engagement, they are then selected by judges and win the Vibe Session production which is ranging roughly around $3,000. Not to mention, this might just be the big break for the artist, they are in the room with individuals who could connect them to the right people in the industry or just might be the right people in the industry that they should connect with. Talk about vibes, yet you must work on hard on that content and boost your engagement so you can show them that you are the vibe. Can I get a Vibe Check?

Vibe Check

The next area of advertisement is mutual support is Vibe Checks. Vibe checks are detailed interviews of the MVP Vibe network users. These individuals are randomly selected and are interviewed about their upcoming projects and careers. The platform has a multitude of host who are the face of vibe checks and choose the musicians, artist or vocalist within a particular deadline to be part of the show. You can check out some of these productions on the MVP Vibes Instagram page and if you are a member website.

Check Out This Vibe Check with @paradiised


Now let’s get to the fun stuff of how this program works, statistics. These numbers are fairly important. Due to creators wanting to know who is viewing their content is where exactly is it going. Number in the marketing world are just as vital when presenting platforms similar to MVP Vibe, and as a newly developed website their statistics are quite impressive. The amount of time users are spending on the platform is 12 times more than another platform on in their category. Not to mention how the content is exposed when posting. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, this platform helps creators directly establish an audience by keeping their content posted for all to see, and not just by who is getting the most engagement. This is so everyone who views the streams are very likely to see who you are. Then we lead into the value of monetization and how money flows through this system. In comparison to Spotify and other streaming networks you will make an average of 0.12 cents per stream, that means an individual has to stream over 90,000 plays to make at least $1,080 within that streaming period. That is a massive amount of streams. Yet with MVP Vibe it is different, the network takes all precaution when it comes to their creators, the platform is fully catered to them by the way. With this being said, creators and make way more than 0.12 cent per stream, while supporters and donate money to them as they watch their content videos and listen to their music. What an awesome deal, so it is set as this, people come listen to your music, you build a fan base, then generous will pay you way more than 0.12 cents a stream and have a chance to win perks and become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. Yet it’s not only up to them, its up to you as well. You must also put in the work, to get the word out there for yourself through your brilliant projects and build a platform of creativity and professionalism. MVP Vibes is just hear to help, yet starting you off as the creator you have always wanted to be.

Joining The Vibe

So how do you becoming involved in something so amazing, that is filled with tons of new music? You create a profile of course. The website is easy to navigate. Whether you’re an upcoming musician, artist or poetic and maybe even just a music lover or guru MVP Vibe is the network you want to be apart of. So what are you waiting on, click the link below and pay yourself a visit of creativity that you would never forget. Oh-and when you get there, tell them Evonne sent you.

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