Bonus Episode: Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist

Shayy Winn, American Idol finalist and musical artist expresses her gratitude as an upcoming R&B Singer. Regardless of life’s obstacles, and being told she was legally blind during her junior year of high school, at the age of 22 years old, Shay has went against all odds to become who she wants to be in this world. Singing with pop/r&b star Andra Day, you will read all about her.

Born in Chesterfield, Virgina Shayy, attended Thomasdale High School, a musical and arts school with hopes of advancing her career as an musical artist. She was talented, adventurous and ready to tackle the world, until one visit at the doctor turned her world up side down. “I was told I had to rush over to the emergency room to see another doctor, what I heard when I got there I couldn’t believe it,” said Shayy. She was then told that the doctors were attempting to save her from going blind, and will have to rush into emergency surgery. Shayy then had an adversity that she has never encountered, she thought that everything was happening so quickly including flashes of her music career. “All I could think was, what am I going to do,” she said, “I have to read music, and if I can’t see how will I be able to say in school?”

Yet, all of that changed, when obstacles come our way, God has his way reinforcements that help us throughout our journey, while Shayy thought the world before her was crashing down, it was really coming together around her beautifully. Remembering her grandfather who also had a visual disability, Shayy explained how he told her she will be on American Idol one day upon her visits to him. She didn’t believe him, and chuckled the phrase off as she sang beautifully for him upon every visit. Yet the dreams of her grandfather came true during Shayy’s highschool years as American Idol came to her city, and upon the passing of her grandfather, Shayy knew she had to do it to honor him, that idea visit, landed her in the top 40 of the American Idol finalist. As she raised up upon the occasion and did not accept defeat, Shayy was called back for the grand finale to sing with r&b/pop artist Andra Day.

Rise Up, Move Mountains

So will you choose to move mountains? Well Shayy did, as she is continuing her career as a musical artist, Shayy is not letting anything stop her. She is now working on singles, continuing her auditory practices through memorization and as well as releasing new hits coming right to your audio and screen. Want to keep up with the amazing story of Shayy Winn? You can follow her on Instagram @shayywinn as well as look her music up on Spotify and all musical platforms. In the time of famine we must always remember what we are doing things for, and continue to rise up, battles may come our way yet with God we will never go down in defeat. Today, we celebrate Shayy, continue to be the best of the best and black girl magic, sincerely

-Kahdejah Evonne

Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Shayy Winn American Idol Finalist & Musical Artist

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