Black Girl Magic: Dr.April Carter Set To Change The Narrative on African American Health Through Infrared and HOTWORX Franchises

The Hospitalist with A Plan Aside From Her Awesome Career

Changing The Narrative In African American Health

Growing up in the typical African American family means more to us culture wise than anything before. We take pride in our family gatherings, traditions and conversations. Truthfully, we love our favorite cousins as well as visiting grandma on each and every holiday. Yet one thing that kept us more close knit than any other object on earth is food. Our grandmother’s undying recipes at that, because no one else makes it like her we settled. Although this was how we were raised, and the chicken, candid yams as well as black eye peas remind us of where we are from through classical conditioning, the heart of the matter has also caused issues within our communities. With no doubts, we love our soul foods, yet do these foods love our bodies? Dr.April Carter expressed this as she is a hospitalist who works in multiple regions and hospitals in America. If anyone has not seen what health tolls have done to our communities she is indeed one to speak on these issues with, not just from books but life experiences as well.

The Behaviors and Cultures of Eating and How It Affects Communities

“I grew up in a household that had 3 carbs on one plate for dinner, and meat every night,” said Dr.Carter as she explained her childhood and the health conscious attitudes she has developed from seeing her family deal with a multitude of body dysfunctions and illness contracted from the habits of cultural eating lifestyles. “There are a multitude of illness I seen in my family, from diabetes to high blood pressure and heart issues,” she said and all were a result of eating as well as exercise behaviors. Due to cultural situations, the subconscious mind is entitled to the environmental habits developed in us from children. Therefore some behaviors come almost natural because it is accepted within our communities. African American communities and populations are one of the most uneducated when it comes to eating as well as exercise habits. This results in a spike in diabetes diagnostics and high blood pressure cases. As well as a multitude of other illnesses. Yet if our communities and leaders were fully educated on how these habits affect our lives, the narrative of African American families could change. Dr.April Carter took upon this narrative by becoming a change agent as well as franchise owner of 4 soon to open Hot Wroxs under her name, and she is including the emphasis on infrared services. Who’s better to support this narrative than a black doctor and leader of our on. We need more like her.

What is Infrared?

According to Mayo Clinic several studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, headache, type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and found some evidence of benefit. This is throughly why targeted communities should become more invested into the HotWrox franchise. Becoming a member of the studio lead by people like Dr.Carter sets these individuals in good hands from research based practices. Not only does it increases internal health yet also helps with external factors including reducing excess weight gain in members if exercise practices are continued. Investing in these studios fits exactly to what the doctor her self is trying to present to target communities who deal with these difficulties yet most importantly everyone.

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