Coi Leray Expresses Her Concern As Her Body Is Being Ridiculed By Social Media Followers

“My Body Is Always Trending I Don’t Understand”

Late Night Leisure🌚

Coi Leray, a rapper, singer, and songwriter, has been the talk of social media lately. Her latest social media post expresses her concern as her body is being ridiculed after viewers saw her outfit for the BET Awards. Body positivity is being preached BUT is it being followed 🤔 #Memphis #blackpodcast #mentalhealth #CWE

Body Shaming Much?

You would think celebrities in the industry are loved, yet they are not exempt from the negativity that comes with the world, or mental health concerns. Body shaming decreases the confidence of an individual and is done on a daily basis, yet to be a star where millions of people are watching you the pressure is on. Celebrities in the industry must take their mental health seriously, as the rawness of fans will never turn off as long as the coins keep rolling. Believe it or not, any body type or figure is acceptable, THATS only if you are good within yourself and not living up to the expectations of society. They will never be satisfied. #StayFocusedOnYou

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