Comedians Mental Health Matter, Oscar P Revels The Strength Behind His Laughter

“My Laughter Tells My Story” with Comic Oscar P 

“So…what do you do,” this very common question caught the interest of comic Oscar P, whose reversed the question into an ounce of comedy of his own. “Well,” he said, “I am an exotic stripper for the blind.” When you think about it, this comic has pure talent, enough to where even a blind individual could be entertained with just his voice, without looking at his stage appearances and movement, how ironic is that. So ironic that Oscar P is stealing the hearts of the Mid-south and all of the southern regions. 

Originally from the Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale to be exact, Oscar P grew up in a Mississippian household. He was raised in Cleveland, MS by his mother and father in which the city developed him into the star he is himself. As well as those in his family. Oscar, was close to his uncle as a child, whom encouraged him to go after his dreams more and more, regardless of any circumstance. “My uncle allowed me watch stand up comedy with him while I was a kid,” said Oscar, “they were always so funny, this was just something I always did. Oscar, being a child, did not notice who he was just yet. Working hard to find himself, even through his teen years he went with the flow of life, until he had his own little sunshine that he looked after in the world. This huge light that came in a small package, encouraged him to be free, his daughter. “She looked at me and said, daddy…. why do you always tell us to go after our dreams and you aren’t, its time for you to do that, after that, I immediately knew that this was something I needed to do, it was my purpose, so I sat out on my dreams to become a comedian.” Although his daughter, uncle, close family as well as friends were his undying light, Oscar still felt a dissociation from life and unforgettable darkness, that was not always so hilarious. 

When you think of comedians, we think of hot comedy clubs, a magnificent weekend night that will be filled with laughter, food and drinks. Maybe even a loving date night with our partners, then we all go home to be entirely happy. Yet this is not always the deal with those who work to uplift our spirits, even those who have this gift, need some uplifting of their own. “ I allow people to laugh at my pain,” he said, “ people deserve a laugh, its needed.’ Yet, after Comic Oscar P said this the conversation went for a drastic turn. As humans, the mental aspect of us somewhat works the same, regardless when the load becomes too heavy, we might just drop it, or even set out on the ledge to explode. There is an list of comedians who are not here with us today that we all enjoyed here on earth, but never got a chance to really express the significance of their burdens. One in which is Robin Williams, a famous comedian and actor whom American loved to see, yet took his own life by soaking in those dark areas, that neither of us could see developing in him. Therefore Oscar P was asked the real by the CWE Platform, that was what is his mental health exercises that allow him to cope with the real areas and high demand of life, what he explained shocked us entirely. 

“This brings me back,” he said, “to November 11th just before I got on stage to do one of my first shows in Atlanta.” Oscar explained how he planned his suicide for November 12th that following day yet could not bring himself to do it, because he felt he finally found his purpose. He was planning to go to the park and leave a letter to his wife and kids on why he decided to let things go. Oscar was so deep into darkness, that he knew exactly when he wanted to do this, in which the guidelines to his insurance policy held him. The insurance policy stated that the family will not receive those funds unless dying by suicide was exactly 2 years and 1 day from the time the policy was active. Oscar calculated this and planned his death. He had an alarm on his phone to what time he was going to kiss his wife and kids goodbye, and vanish forever, yet luckily Oscar did not leave that pain from abandonment and family betrayal behind, he decided to fix it through his purpose, becoming a comedian while developing himself into a healthy more whole person. Oscar tried and that’s what makes him comedy’s greatest hero. He found his strength and purpose through is darkness.

Oscar also found his purpose through philanthropy and public speaking, in which he says he wants to be more involved in.  Each year Oscar P gives away 5 college scholarships to those in need, as well as speak to the general public, yet we are those who really need the wisdom from them. This was developed when Oscar had a detailed conversation with a man who called the streets of Atlanta his home. Upon Oscar laughing with this individual, an Atlanta Comedy Theater worker was watching, which helped Oscar develop his career placing him as one of the funniest comedians in the southern region of America today, and eventually all over. 

Oscar is a comedian and motivational character of high dignity and amplitude. Regardless of his past experiences he overcame those and allowed people the room to express themselves to him daily. “People pull me to the side all the time to express their stories after a show, “said Oscar.  He even explains how he always calls his comedy brothers just to check in with them, for he knows how life could get. As a black man in American who could open and express his hardships with the CWE platform we applaud comic Oscar P. Mental health amongst black men, comics, entertainers and in America in general is thoroughly important to the operations of that individual. His story will help thousands around the different cities that he may meet, and his laughter as well as wisdom will travel with us forever, for intelligence of life and expressing heartfelt circumstances is love.

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