Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Friends Host $1 Million Birthday Bash In Miami, Florida.

A Night To Remember

Awesome vibes, party life and gold bottles, this is what the money men brought to the magic city on one steamy weekend. The May weather came pretty earlier as Floyd Mayweather and friends shut Miami down with the appearance and realness of one of the most expensive parties thrown all year along the coast. Celebrating no one other than the greatest light weight champion of all time birthday was a night to remember. Even though the star shared his experience with Jas Muthur, $700,000 was spent directly from the money man himself, even if ex-opppnets like Conor McGregor had little belief in Mayweather’s continued Forbes list success. Yet enough talk about naysayers, let’s dive into the deep money mountains of the money men who made an appearance on the green carpet.

“The “Money Cake” was massive”

The Money Men

Held at The Venue in Fort Lauderdale, the bash was christened “Floyd’s Futuristic 44th Birthday Extravaganza.” Forty Four never looked any better, especially when over 1 billion dollars filled the room. Millionaires including Rick Ross, who is a big time entrepreneur, hip hop artist and social icon (owner of Rosé, Wing Stop and many more endeavors) was on the scene. Larsa Pippen the wife of Scotty Pippen and celebrity tv personality, Jacquees known social media sensation with hit R&B singles like “Come Thru,” “Money” Matt Herman owner of The Done Deal Records including signed artist of the label Barchi and President elect Joe Biden brother, Frank Biden could not bare to miss the upscaled event. Models were in skin tight clothing, over 100 bottles of champagne floated through the event, not to mention Ace of Spades were being passed around and our very known celebrities,Instagram sensations and entrepreneurs had a magnificent time.

COVID Restrictions

Of course there were a few COVID regulations put in place for this extravaganza. People were check properly at the door, making sure all temperatures meet COVID regulations as per requested. Individuals who did not meet regulations were turned around at the door, nevertheless majority of the crowed entered for the one night experience. To talk more highly of what was there, Floyd even had money printed with his face on it for decor, he was seen in a multitude of outfits throughout the night and of course pulled up in one of the most luxurious cars on the market at this moment, a Bugatti, which is priced at breathtaking 1.9 million dollars. So question? Does that make the party worth more than the title intended? Let’s not add his several thousand dollars work of Fendi and Versace outfits. The bill my friends will be out of the roof, yet this is what money men like Floyd Mayweather does. He brings the rain, money to change the weather and heat a place like Florida up a few more degrees, in the middle of the winter.

“Mayweather Shares A Birthday Photo With Muthur”

The Fight Is Still On

Update: Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Sunday that he will return to the boxing ring on Feb. 20, 2021, for an exhibition bout against YouTube star Logan Paul. The retired 44-year-old made the announcement on Instagram.

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