Kahdejah Evonne Interviews Def Jam, BET & Comedy Central Comedian Red Grant on his visit to Memphis.

Comedian Red Grant came to shut the city down this weekend in Memphis at Chuckles Comedy House . You may have seen Mr.Grant, who is a powerhouse comedian traveling with other raw and talented individuals like Kat Williams as well as big name movies like Leprechaun In The Hood. Yet last weekend, he brought his hilarious jokes right to Memphis focusing on his main topic making the crowd scream with laughter.

Click the link to watch this snippet of his legendary Murray jokes with over 500,000 views.

Teacher of the Game

Red Grant has been in the industry for over 20 years. Staring in a multitude of movies including Starz most recent original series Snowfall, the versatile comedian have taken over the industry in multiple areas. Red Grant is not only a comedian, yet a writer. He has had his talented skills placed into an array of movies and plays, not only that but spreading the love and joy of entrepreneurship to black communities as well. Here’s a snippet, of him expressing his love for the African American culture, while shopping at Lavish A. Luxe Boutique, here in Memphis, TN.

Although Snowfall is loved by many, Conversations with Evonne dug deeper into Mr.Grant’s career, that included original films of his early career, like “Leprechaun In The Hood” for instance. The story consist of a very frightening (not scary as far as Grant said), midget Leprechaun who’s idea was to kill those in sort who had connections to the robbery of his gold. Red Grant played a very comical part in this film as it was one of his biggest movies during his career. Yet Grant of course, was involved in projects a lot greater, including taking his versatility on the road with other raw comedians like himself Katt Williams, Luenell Melanie Comarcho and Mark Curry featuring in Katt House Comedy as well as the seriously funny American Hustle. These comedians are the teachers of the comedy game, who were some who started the African American comedy stand up scenes and are still relevant today.

Chuckles Comedy House Memphis

Yet with all of his past greatness the city of Memphis was very happy to have the comedian arrive in the Bluff last weekend. Red Grant did a 3 day show at Chuckles Comedy House December 11th-13th as Memphians couldn’t get enough of the powerhouse comedian. Chuckles Comedy House only brings in the best stand up comedy, of course Red Grant was in this line up.

If you missed the fun of the seriously funny comedian no worries! You could follow him on his social media handles @redgrant on Instagram. Be aware that his humor travels with him, so being in his light is like being at an actual show, other wise you might want to grab tickets to see him again. Of course the comedian will be back to Memphis, he loves it here, knowing that his visit to the Lorraine Motel is needed.

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