FatBoyCash, Tha “Gangsta”, The Three Time Entrepreneur, and The Artist Turns The Streets of Philly Golden, One Business At A Time

FatBoyCash is the owner of Soul Food Artist, Head Artist and Hood Fellas Entertainment

Bringing Creativity To The Hood

As a child, you dreamed of traveling outside of your city, or was taught to come up and leave where you are from. Your parents or the social cultural conversations instilled in you at home, could not be beautiful and what you make of it will be only terrible if you stay. Yet like Drake said, “it’s all right here in the city, and you don’t run from where you come from.” FatBoyCash indeed has brought “creativity,” to the hood. Being a kid from the trenches is different. The city moves fast, and poverty levels are high, especially in cities like Philly. It is not every day as children that someone will walk up to you and instill a dream into you, or even guide you on how to do things the right way. Yet, in the hood what is the right way? The streets will teach you many things, who is for you, who is not, yet one thing it will teach you the most as a young black man, is to rely on your talents to take you places. This is exactly what FatBoyCash did. Instead of running away from the streets of Philly he decided to turn them gold.

The “Artist” Artist

We will soon introduce you to the joy and love that FatBoyCash has for his city, as well as the knowledge he has for the city and how he maneuvers though them. With his entrepreneurship journey FatBoyCash has influence many, while also developing an idea name for himself. The “Artist”, recently received proclamation for the city, yet that didn’t defeat the fact of the artistic words that he is now putting on the paper. The three-time entrepreneur has touched all areas of his creativity and talent by landing himself next to the legendary Styles P in his new song “Gangsta.” FatBoyCash of course, is setting himself up to be on the of the legendary made men of Philadelphia.

“Gangsta” Ft StylesP

The city will go crazy over this track. The single sounds like classic Philly rap especially since Styles P very known for his rap career as well has hit songs like “Good Times,” ft the legendary Jadakiss with over 2 million YouTube plays was featured. StylesP is known to be one of FBC’s childhood role models andhas also inspired The Artist to invest in his music career, this song is still relevant today. It is very likely that “Gangsta,” could be referenced as one of these tracks. FatBoyCash has raw talent, in which you could feel his writing as through is rap performances. The new single has a video releasing soon, giving you all emotion of what is being said in the song, and is a clear representation of the city of Philly, in which he proclaimed.

The new single has also been released on multiple music platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. FatBoyCash has also been featured on This Is 50, a radio platform developed by 50 cent, who is a Hip-Hop artist, entrepreneur and big name in the music industry. With these connections, FatBoyCash will take the city of Philly to new levels with his upbeat, yet original style of music. “Gangsta,” ft StylesP will be releasing a visual soon, the two-artist got together and created magic, turning their hit single into a motion picture.

Music is a big deal as well in the creative African American community, our words have helped our communities develop in multiple ways, putting our hearts on paper with different beats and tunes. They say three times is a charm and FatBoyCash has reached his community in all three ways with his music, as well as through hair and food, yet we call it entrepreneurship & entertainment.

The Head Artist

In Northeast Philly, FatBoyCash has been the buzz of the streets, painting them with every colorful idea that comes to mind on the way. With that being said, we are going to go on a little trip through the golden streets of Philadelphia, into the highly creative brand that Cash Miller created through the word “Artist.” If you would think long and hard into it, FatBoyCash is an innovative creator, he creates the movements and the hustles to get him and everyone else to where they are trying to go. His entrepreneurship journey has proven that your talent will most definitely take you places, and those places are sort of like the very own Head Artist Barber Shop, in which he is proud owner of setting a platform for other barbers to invest in their craft and of course, get themselves places. Talk about painting the streets gold, having money is one thing, yet setting someone else up for it is boss moves.

The Head Artist Philly is a place where many Philly natives of all cultural groups can come and get sliced by some of the most talent barbers in the area. FatBoyCash himself cranks up his clippers to express some artistic pressures into the scalps of customers who need fresh cuts to go about their day. The creativity of the name is stunning as all innovative ideas come from the head, and if you can take what’s from your head and implement it, it makes you a different individual aside from anyone else.

The Soul Food Artist

Aside from cutting hair and being a role model, FatBoyCash knew the hearts of the Philly people was in the kitchen. Imagine the idea of sitting waiting to get a haircut, then eventually your hunger comes suddenly. Well, another interesting business that the Philly native himself invested in through his artist brand is “Soul Food Artist.” Looking at the photos of the delicious meals show that art could not only being in his barber shop, yet the kitchen. The Restaurant has an intensive menu, with many different foods to choose from including the overloaded chicken macaroni fries. Soul food is a big expression of love in the African American culture, the selection of foods and how it’s seasoned is ours, some say it’s your typical eating style, or after so many thanksgivings it could get boring. Yet FatBoyCash turned our culture into art, so that the aroma and presentation of the Restaurant could keep you coming back for more, even if one does not love chicken.

Your Talent Will Take You Places

As FatBoyCash used his talents to get him where he is today, he has also takenthe time to reach back into his community to enhance it. Through his entrepreneurship efforts, as well as heart for youth in the city, FatBoyCash has developed a program to donated backpacks to students in the Philadelphia school system. He has provided supplies for families and need, as well as free haircuts to students during his annual back to school drive. FBC not only loves what he does daily, but the lives of the people of Philadelphia which also influences him to keep going. With this as well as the “Artist” platform, the Philly native has received proclamation to the city of Brotherly Love. The proclamation was issued by the Mayor of Philadelphia, honoring, and recognizing FBC for his efforts in socialprenuership and using his talents to influence youth around him.

You Don’t Run From Where You Come From

It is all right here in the city of Philadelphia, and FBC has taken over. Within his efforts the hip-hop artist will continue to release music that the streets can relate to. For more information, the FBC visit him on Instagram or to listen to top hits and music from the artist visit his Spotify profile. Or come to http://www.conversationswithevonne.com for more information! I am Kahdejah Evonne and this is another blog from Conversations with Evonne and thanks for tuning in.

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