Lil Duval Takes Over Chuckles Comedy House Memphis with Red Grant Following the Seriously Funny Stand Up

“The night was extremely funny with drinks, food & laughter”

SMILE B#!+ch

Chuckles Comedy House Memphis were “living their best life,” last weekend as Lil Duval the small, yet very large package himself came to the bluff city with a wind of laughter. The jokes were funny, extremely funny, as Memphians gathered at the stand up to enjoy a night of laughter, drinks, food and fun. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, where smiles have been turnt to frowns and tears, the high profile comedian still made himself available to make those frowns turn around as he hit the stage encouraging others to smile. You didn’t just smile, the laughter hit the floor of your belly so hard, that tears of humor burst through your eyes. This is how funny the comedy house was on the night of Sunday, December 6th, 2020.

Chuckles Comedy House has been the mother of stand up comedy for the city of Memphis, and has brought in a multitude of stand up comedians with large names. Mr.Smile B#!+Ch brought an array of courage to the crowd and enhanced the likely hood of the comedy house still being the epitome of Memphis entertainment through comedian-entrepreneurship. Memphis is growing within itself, people from all over come to enjoy the scenery of the bluff city as well as it’s lively atmosphere. Yet other than any establishment in the city, Chuckles Comedy House has continually brought the heat. This indeed, is not a place to be slept on.

“You Got A lot To Be Smiling For”

So who is Mr. Smile B#!+ch? Well is he is an American stand up comedian, recording artist and entrepreneur, not to mention he is a millionaire in his own light. They say large things come in small packages as the millionaire comedian was featured in a multitude of movies including but not limited to : Meet The Blacks, The Trap & School Dance. Yet the comedian-prenuer did not limit himself to acting and stand up comedy, he took his talents to the studio as “Smile” ft. Snoop Dogg and “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” ft T.I the hustle man himself, has put the stand-up comedian on the map, and with all of this he brought that very large package of light and enthusiasm to our beloved city Memphis.

Chuckles Comedy House

Yet enough of great celebrities let’s talk about the beloved Chuckles Comedy House in general, which is the mother of all comedian-like entertainment in the city of Memphis. This place, is like being on the MTV or BET stand up screen itself. Have you ever watched Comedy Central? Yes? Well..imagine yourself being in the actual facility sitting up close and personal with top celebrities as they blaze the stage with amazing jokes. Well, this is the ultimate experience of Chuckles. If you were to decide to purchase V.I.P tickets to one of the outstanding events, you will be so close to the stage, to where Lil Duval himself probably would have hugged you. The experience is amazing as the waiters and workers move swiftly , to bring drinks, food and Southern hospitality to their guest. But not to worry if you cannot always be “on time,” to experience this atmosphere Chuckles Comedy House has promoters, who give are always selling tickets to guest to come and enjoy the show again. This is one motive that Conversations with Evonne loved about the production, that they have a great love for people, and want everyone to be able to experience the joy of laughter and excitement throughout every season, especially one as this. For more information on V.I.P tickets and upcoming events for the establishment visit

Not Too Fast The Jokes Are Not Over

Comedian Red Grant Is Coming To Memphis

We could never let you leave without knowing what’s next. Chuckles is know for bringing high end celebrities to the city of Memphis for you to meet up close and personal. With that being said, Red Grant, comedian, actor and entrepreneur with be blazing the city this weekend Dec.11th-13 at Chuckles Comedy House Memphis. Yeap that’s right! The outstanding laugh out loud comedian himself will be bringing his talents to the bluff city, as he has train viciously with high class actor and comedian Katt Williams on multiple occasions as well as playing in top horror comedy movies like “Leprechaun in the Hood.” You don’t want to miss this night of excitement, as the world tour producer and host himself will be shutting down the stage and bringing laughter as well as cheer this holiday season. For tickets and V.I.P information visit

Well, the Bluff City has never been funnier since Chuckles Comedy House has taken over. The city clearly enjoys the atmosphere of relaxation and calmness as Chuckles made everyone feel as if they are “right at home.” Conversations with Evonne encourages you all to visit the establishment, for you will not be disappointed from its hot topics to top notch celebrity appearances, who continuously and effortlessly grace the stage. Did we tell you next weekend that the place will be experiencing the presence of D.L Hughley? Sssshhh….that’s just another blog for another day. Yet, you hears it here first at Be sure to visit Chuckles Comedy House anytime and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @chuckelscomedyhouse. You do not want to miss the fun, excitement, celebrity appearances and love that is there. I am Kahdejah Evonne and this is the Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog, Podcast & Entrepreneurship online Platform and thank you for tuning into my blog. We look forward to checking back soon, God bless and HAPPY HOLIDAYS people.

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