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“Ain’t No Party Like A Curtis Givens Party” Kenny Burns Set To Host 19th Annual All Black Affair Nov.28th following Brunch On Sunday’s

Turkey Weekend In Memphis Is Going To Be One To Remember

“Ain’t No Party Like A Curtis Givens Party”

The “pandemicprenuer” is at it again yet featuring “The Lifestyle Specialist” Kenny Burns. This turkey weekend is going to be one to remember in Memphis, as the cautious yet lively In Love Memphis opens it doors to Memphians and tourist for the 19th Annual All Black Affair. If you pay attention to what “annual” actually means, it is defined as yearly. That’s correct, the Givens brothers have been in the game 19 years and the quote “ain’t no party like a Curtis Givens party,” proves it. Tables are already sold out. What a way to set the place out, as America just seen it’s first black female president enter the White House, so the party must go on. With this being said, In Love Memphis saw its first night of all tables being sold out to WOMEN, as Curtis posted on his social media that the men, “must set up,” for the ladies, are at LoVe ready to party, and they are not letting up.
From recent blogs of this establishment we have came to the conclusion that In LoVe is not just any ordinary Lounge in Memphis. It is a place where individuals go to celebrate achievements, black excellence and feel comfortable to actually let their hair down to enjoy all genres of music. We can’t help to mention the countless number of celebrities that have come to enjoy themselves at the establishment, including Money Bagg Yo and Ari The Don last weekend, and with all acknowledgement, they packed the place out. Yet who will the “pandemicprenuers” bring out next, that is Kenny Burns of course, and he is coming extra swagged out, with his V103 radio personality and voice.

Meet The Dopest Host, Kenny Burns “The Lifestyle Specialist”

“20 Plus Years In The Game”

Kenny Burns is an entrepreneur who has worked in the entertainment, fashion, music, radio, spirits, television and marketing industries. Conversations with Evonne is platform that presents the growth that black entrepreneurs put forth, and who is better to host the 19th Annual All Black Affair than this individual. He has worked with top artists including Mariah Carey, Monica, Jay-Z as well has his first music concept Dream. The detail in his career is amazing, after recognizing top stars like Akon and Wale. Burns has been exclusively all through the music industry on a business entrepreneurship level, becoming the Vice President of Rock-A-Fella while also investing into his own spirits business. His record of works is over whelming to read as he continued his career working close hand with P-Diddy including multiple areas on Mr.Sean Combs himself entertainment file with projects like, Bad Boy, REVOLT TV, DeLeón Tequila and CÎROC Vodka, Aquahydrate. The boss was not done yet as he also team up with Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, now on America’s headlines as the best whiskey there is to know. Wow…everything this man touch turns gold, and believe it or not he will be at In LoVe Memphis, turning the city of entrepreneurs into a place of black excellence . For more information on Mr. Gold Hands Burns visit

“Where We Finna Eat At?” Brunch On Sunday’s

We party, we socialize, we drink and now ITS TIME TO EAT! Other then the massive menu LoVe Lounge has we cannot help but present to you the most delightful and diligent brunch menu that’s in Memphis right now. Of course hosted by yours truly Curtis Givens, Brunch Sunday’s is going down EVERY SUNDAY at Big Bills. The food is amazing as selections like Smoke salmon, Fried chicken, Catfish, French toast, Biscuit and Gravy, Omelette, Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast potato, Asparagus, Potato casserole and more take place! (I promise guys that’s not the whole menu you will have to come witness this greatness and southern hospitality yourself.)

Sunday Brunch at Big Bills is every Sunday from 11 am- 3p.m. For reservations call (901) 450-8833. Hurry because spots definitely fill up to have some of the tasty southern cuisine dapping right to your tummy. BUT wait, where are you going so fast, you have forgotten about the party, after the after party, after the after party, and that is of course A CURTIS GIVENS PARTY. Listen, I promise you, if you are in Memphis for your birthday weekend you have to experience a Curtis Givens weekend which is about every weekend. The pandemicprenuer has justified that he is taking over the weekends here in Memphis, Memphis night life has just gotten better and more hospitable as LoVe night lounge is completely FREE to all customers on Sundays, opening from 4pm-12 a.m respectfully.

In LoVe Memphis Lounge Is Located At 7144 Winchester Road Ready To Serve You With It’s Amazing Bottle Girls

Well! We told you where the party is, we showed you where the black excellence and entrepreneurial conversations will be, we exhibitEd to you how the Curtis Givens Party Experience may feel and now it’s time for you to be there. Visit for more details on “The Curtis Givens,” experience or follow the Entrepreneurial Guru himself on all social media platforms @curtis_givens or follow In LoVe Memphis on Facebook and Instagram @inlovememphis for more information! You came, you saw, you shopped, you listened, you read and now it’s time to celebrate. Thanks for tuning into Conversations with Evonne and have an awesome weekend! Can’t wait to see you at the extravaganza!

Sincerely, @kahestevens

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