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NBA Stars, Celebrity Arrivals and Halloween Scenes In Love Memphis Accepts The Challenge Of Keeping Memphis Entertainment Upscaled

In Love Memphis is the place to be Saturday, October 31st for the dopest Halloween party in Memphis.


The COVID pandemic has taken a huge toll on the lives of practically everyone on the planet. Recently, the exciting day to day activities we were use to, vanished before our eyes as businesses around the world closed to keep COVID out. There was confusion, a lost of millions of dollars, foreclosed businesses and bankruptcies filed, yet within all of this for an entrepreneur to come out on top, they had to have one skill that must be implemented throughout the process of “rebuilding.” Some say falling short throughout your life creates fear in the young entrepreneur who wants to make it big time, while others learn from those incidents. In a time like the COVID pandemic, one must show resilience, yet you could only gain that skill if you have been through as much as Memphis entertainment guru Curtis Givens.
From reading the recent articles about Givens from Conversations with Evonne, we took you on a tour of his life within entrepreneurship. The Givens brothers had no shame in expressing the ups and downs they encountered as black business owners, yet from reading it all it has been clear that those moments developed them for a time such as this, and coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic this is why the brothers are still on top. Let’s look into the skill of real entrepreneurship and entertainment, and see how In Love Memphis made it work by keeping their Lounge open in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic as well as following the strict rules of the CDC in order to stay open. My suggestion is, don’t try this at home.

All White Day Party with Memphis NBA Rookie of the Year

Did you say day party? We sure did. Saturday, September 5th In Love Memphis hosted an official NBA Day Party with NBA Rookie Of The Year, JA Morant. Yet how did the establishment still keep the night time vibes and bottle popping within the rules and regulations set for bars as well as lounges in Memphis, well, they started the party during the day. As an entrepreneur sometimes you have to play by the rules, and this is what In Love did. People from all over still came in their all white, with matching face mask to celebrate with the NBA rookie standing 6 foot 3 inches tall, 172 pounds as well as averaging 17.8 points a game at only 21 years of age, going strong for the Memphis Grizzlies. Within every lounge in Memphis, the young star chose In Love, to celebrate his accomplishments regardless of the strict rules as well as regulations set fourth. The fun lasted quite some time, yet to keep everything professional the lounge closed at exactly 10 o’clock p.m, following all directions given to keep the center of entertainment in Memphis open. Lights were turned out, the djay was shut down and people had to leave, yet Curtis reminded individuals on his social media platforms of the rules, that he loved his supporters and that it is all business and never personal. No matter what rules came fourth, that did not stop celebrities, memphians and sports fanatics flowing through the lounge. This party had just begun.

Brooklyn Nets Choose In Love Memphis To Host Day Party

Chris Chiozza and Jeremiah Martin realized that “following rules weren’t so bad after all.” The two contact Curtis Givens to have some “clean fun,” while they were in town. 7144 Winchester Road opened its doors to many socialites as well as young business men and women to kick back and relax in a great atmosphere on a Satur-DAY. YES, the lounge hosted another day party, yet this time individuals were quite use to the rules of leaving at 10 p.m. The Lounge was filled with just enough people to enjoy a quality meet and greet of the NBA Stars and many others around Memphis. Mask were on as people came and ate, socialize as well as had a couple drinks to finally enjoy the moments of “being out the house.” Yet why did everyone choose In Love Memphis, other than all the other lounges in Memphis, well that is because the networking the owners have established outside of the lounge, as well as like the said before, “treating all individuals with love,” and building off of it. The love of people and their establishment is what saved their business.

So What’s Next…..

The Curtis Givens Halloween Horror Story Party

A scary movie is next of course. If you think the lounge has stopped introducing you to new entertainment then we must think again. Especially since the Covid-19 restrictions have been somewhat lifted in Memphis, all lounges are now allowed to close at 12 a.m. This increases the lively hood as well as creativity of In Love Memphis, which is just in time for Halloween. That’s right folks In Love Memphis will be opening it’s doors for a spooky sight Saturday, October 31st for one of the DOPEST, Halloween costume parties in Memphis.

What To Expect

The Curtis Givens Halloween Horror Story Party is going to be a sight to see. Doors open at 6 p.m with no cover charge for women until 9 p.m. costumes are recommended, booths will be open and bottles will be going all night long! Because there is no party, like a Curtis Givens Party. For table and booth reservations contact (901) 417-8042 or (901) 485-1119. Mask ARE required.

What’s Next?

Just when we thought the fun stops here, Saturday’s at In Love Memphis is about to get a little “spicy.” Ari The Don, girlfriend of Money Bagg Yo, Memphis rapper will be making a celebrity appearance at In Love Memphis. Come to the oasis of Memphis entertainment Saturday, November 7th to have a great time, while enjoying the celebrity like atmosphere. Tables are up for reservation and bottles will be going all night long. As stated before for table and booth reservations contact (901) 417-8042 or (901) 485-1119. Mask ARE required. For more information follow @inlovememphis on Instagram as well as @curtisgivens because there is no part like a Curtis Givens party!

Blog and detailed writing by @conversationswirhevonne thank you for reading

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