Drug Addict To Pastor Now Movie Star 56 Year Old Michael Campbell Stars In New Movie “Jed Girls”

“Success has no age, yet wisdom last forever”

From being an inspiration to his children, peers and now the Memphis community, Pastor Michael Campbell is one of the success stories that many Memphians, need to hear, and or read about. His story is magical and shows how the hands of God, as well as the blood of Jesus Christ can stretch from the father himself, down to many generations, all because of his obedience. Michael Campbell is a father, an entrepreneur, an actor and more importantly a man of God.

“Gods Grace Has No Limits”

Michael Campbell grew up in the small town of Edmonson, Arkansas, at a very young age he knew the importance of family and keeping God as the foundation of everything. He had a mother and a father who loved him dearly, and where hard workers living in the south. Yet with all this love around him, as a child you still are very vulnerable to situations that happen to you, environmental and emotional ones at that, which lead to childhood trauma. One hot summer Michael took a visit to his grandmother’s house. There, he usually enjoyed it, yet this time, the situation was different. Michael was greeted by his cousins at the front door. He explained how they were very “picky,” individuals or children who would taunt you, until you could not understand yourself fully. Since Michael was only six years old, this put a halt on his mental growth. Michael was dropped off by his parents due to them taking a trip up North. “They told me they were never coming back to get me,” said Michael,” but I just knew they were coming back, I even sat on the porch for long periods of times waiting for them to arrive.” Michael explained that he faced the whole summer, of his cousins explaining to him how his mother did not want him anymore, and that he will be there with them for good. Little Michael fought with his cousins that whole time, trying to keep his dignity as he was battling with possibly never seeing his parents again. This not only made Michael feel unloved, yet betrayed. “That changed my whole mind frame,” he said, “I never thought something like that would effect me until I became an adult, but after a while I knew God’s grace had no limits.”

Saving A Crying Soul

Not having an outlet due to his emotional abuse, Michael started to find different ways to cope with what he thought of himself, as no good, and not fit to be in a society that a black man had it tougher than the regular human being themselves. After a while he began to experiment with mental pleasures. Therefore, Michael turned his life not only to the streets, but invested into another friend. This object was much more popular in his time than it is now, and it was introduced to him fairly easy. “One day he asked me did I want to try some, and I did.” He explained how the easy fixed gave him exactly what he needed, the drug would absorb into him, and help take all the mental pains away. From his time of investing in this Michael said it felt good. Yet, he soon started to realized, that small “good” feeling, created a ton of bad happenings for him, and his family. His soul began to cry, he had seen many dark nights, even while extremely high off the drugs, yet could not stop, Michael became addicted to crack cocaine.

Searching For Love In The Wrong Places

The drugs took a hold of him indeed. He enjoyed the fact that it made him forget everything, yet it did not remind him on who and what to look for, his family, his friends, and God. To be addicted to an emotional fix could be devastating, because you have the fear of going back to the emotional trauma as well as mindset you had before. Michael enjoyed the drugs, they were a void filler for his emotional traumas, and did not make him feel lonely, so he became highly addicted to the experience of recreational addictions. Day after day, Michael continued to use drugs to keep himself comfortable. Yet after a while the situation for Michael took a drastic turn, after all the darkness, and lonely nights he felt, he experienced the realness of the drug, the actual reality of taking them. Thoughts may have gotten too overwhelming for him that particular night, for Michael enjoyed one dose..too many. Michael sat and fulfilled his pleasures one last time, before he blanked out and could not control his body himself, he began overdosing right before his eyes. “Everything just went black,” he said,” I couldn’t control my body, I was crying…shaking….and very cold….I honestly thought I was going to die.” After listening to Michael explain how overdosing felt, and what he seen, as well as felt mentally, while taking the drugs, my heart began to weaken. His story helps us understand how the emotional trauma of a child could really tamper the individual as an adult. Yet God really had his hand on him, for some people get into the habit of drug usage and never make it out, this truly was a story of trail and error, yet what we also found out is, he was looking for love in all the wrong places. “I knew I had to stop for my family and my kids,” he said,” I honestly truly love them.” This proved that love conquers all. Michael eventually found out the true meaning of family, and love was there all along.

Proverbs 24:16

“For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again

“For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again

Michael started investing more into his children, but most importantly he turned his life back to God. The Lord replenished him, then Michael started to follow his purpose and dreams. Before this, he reminded me of who was there for him and never left his side through this process, his wife. “Meeting her showed me a love I have never had,” he said, “ I just could not believe through all of that she stuck by my side, I knew her sending to me was God himself.” Michael showed much gratitude when speaking of God and his wife. He even expresses how he became a pastor which was a greater and higher calling on his name. Michael as well became an entrepreneur, investing in his own detailing company and working hard in Memphis factories which brings in him a great amount of money. From listening to him, his trails and tribulations were heard, and his prayers were answered. Michael believed that sometimes, God gives his hardest battles to the strongest individuals and it was meant to go through these processes to help others, so he did. He released a very inspirational book called “From The Pipe To The Pew,” which expresses his story more in debt, while writing what he faced throughout his life time all in the book. The book will be education to a lot of drug addicts who are facing a life long sentence of torture and abuse to themselves, hoping to get them to open their eyes to what is really happening and turn their lives back to God, Michael Campbell’s story is truly an inspiration. But….that is not it, he is also a movie star. This man indeed has done a full 360, and his life encourages people that it is never over, and never to give up…even for me.

Jed Girls

There is a new movie on the block, and our 56 year old star is in it, “Jed Girls.” This movie, expresses the seriousness of what is really going on in the city streets. Michael was the perfect pick for the production due to his life long experiences, and he could make the movie seem more real. “I was so excited when I got the call,” he said,” it was such a wonderful experience.” The character that the young and adventurous man will be playing is a very known pimp, who has multiple female aquatints whom he is over. Even though Michael was not a pimp, he was indeed exposed to the demeanor of these men, while growing up in his city. So therefore, playing the role would not subtract from him at all. The movie is scheduled to air soon, dropping first in Philadelphia then airing all the way down to the south in all theaters. Michael will be a 56 year old pastor, author and movie star, this indeed is a dream come true, and it is all happening right here, in the big beautiful city of Memphis.

Not only is Michael an inspiration to us, yet his children. As God said to Abraham to obey him, as well as follow him, and his generations will be blessed, Michael has done the same. His children are very successful individuals, beating the odds and becoming what their wildest dreams could imagine in life, this man has breed college and high school graduates, successful entrepreneurs, men as well as women of God and celebrity trainers. His children speak highly of him, and say that he is the best father that they have ever had. Michael Campbell Sr., is truly the epitome of overcoming drastic obstacles, and turning your life completely back to God.

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