Jazmine Tricoche Owner of Dream Life Branding Company, From 30k A Year To 100k And Working Her Own Business

“Be About Your Business”

Building Your Brand With Dream Life

Branding is initially important when it comes to any business, small as well as large. Branding companies have been in business for years, helping develop other companies to successfully release their product into the community. With that being said, Memphis is one of the places where branding is important, as well marketing to reach an audience like no other. “Memphis is the place to be,” said Jazmine, who is a 6-figure business owner of Dream Life, a branding company that is located in the glorious city of Memphis,TN. “Honestly, when I lived in Atlanta, I didn’t receive as much support as I did from moving to Memphis.” Jazmine is initially from Alabama, yet her story of building her brand will inspire you wholeheartedly. From talking to Jazmine, her story was a series of “falling down and getting back up”,while building herself before you could do anything else, then you could “be about your business,” so she says.

The Come Up, Living A “Dream Life”

To be exact, Dream Life branding company is not only a company that consist of branding, yet developing personnel to become the greatest assets to themselves and those around them. Jazmine, has lived a life of trail and error, while looking to fulfill her dreams to become one of the most established boss chicks on the block. Yet, like it is always said, you have to take a loss to become boss. She did this for sure, not just with money, yet with herself. As a boss chick, she was quite frankly open to discuss everything she encountered to get to where she is today, and now she says, “she’s living her wildest dreams.” But to get to this point, you may will see a few nightmares. Just at the age of 21, the 6-figure business owner OWNED a 2-story house in Atlanta as well as drove a Mercedes Benz. “It wasn’t all about that,” she said, “people will look at you and think you have it all together but I didn’t.” Jaszmine’s story was touching on the emotional part of getting to the “Dream Life,” that was in fact being in relationships with those who were not fit to where she was going, as well as working jobs that were only for the moment. With her honesty, she explained how she once engaged in exotic dancing at night clubs, which made her a ton of money, yet honestly, that was not the life the young entrepreneur wanted to live. That was before, she even knew she would own her own company.

Beautiful Nightmares

The city of Atlanta is one of the hottest and fastest moving areas in the south. Entrepreneurs and entertainers from all over travel to live in the peach state based off what other multimillionaires have expressed with their successes. The city is some what established, and allow those looking to grow develop opportunities of a life time, and believe it or not while there, one day you will be your regular hardworking self, the next, you will be a millionaire. This is the “beautiful dream,” Jazmine once had, after moving away from Alabama, with her loving and caring mother. Indeed, Jazmine wanted more, so Atlanta of course, was her first stop. She started her dreams in the big city instantly. The young woman lived in Atlanta for 9 years before deciding to move to Memphis,TN. There, she also worked in retail management at Journeys, running stores for the company before she decided to run her own. With hectic job days, Jazmine felt she did not have any peace, not at work, neither at home or her relationships. She was already away from her mother, who was dealing with a sickness, and terribly, she was involved in a domestically violent and emotionally abusive relationship. Jazmine, suffered from this tournament for multiple years. “It was hard,” she said, “around this this time I had nothing.” Jazmine expressed how she finally left the relationship after so many years, while watching a half of million dollar house leave her, as well as her luxury cars and expensive life. Yet she did not regret this, she just wanted to get away from the beautiful nightmare she was living, for a few moments, Jazmine remained completely homeless, with no way to get back to her mother. Yet the young entrepreneur did not stop looking to God, not matter her struggles.

The “Absolute” Dream Life God’s Promise

“Be About Your Business”

Jazmine admitted that Atlanta was a beautiful city, and with her dancing as well as leaving that life to become a General Manager at Journeys, she made GOOD MONEY. Yet she also explained the worst part of it all, the cost of living. She explained how living in the place was overly expensive and it took a lot of money to “remain relevant,” that was even with her own business, which she decided to start when she finally woke up from her beautiful nightmare. After seeing herself loose thousands of dollars, Jazmine finally invested herself into real entrepreneurship. She started selling jewelry. With that, and her being the beautiful person she is, people started to support her. Everyday costumers who came into the store believed in Jazmine, and also started to purchase more of her products, even her own employees. If Jazmine didn’t believe in anything else she believed in being a great person and charisma was a great marketing tool. “I started to see people really supported what I did, I thought wow, ok I really can do this I’m also making some extra money,” said Jazmine. Yet she still was hesitant, after years of dealing with a relationship that ruined her confidence and seeing everything go down the drain, Jazmine decided not to move forward with her business, until one day, she was unexpectedly fired from her general manager position at Journeys. This was God encouraging her to “move,” and that is all she needed.

Now with no job, and just a plan she had no choice but to lean further into entrepreneurship. She kept selling her merchandise and even developed her a website, the business was developed and Jazmine named it “Dream Treasurez.” Originally, the business was soft branding, styling individuals with her brand clothing and selling them her jewelry. The brand developed well, but Jazmine just knew in her heart she wanted more, and that was only God giving her all of her desires. Jazmine maxed out at 30K a year while working Dream Treasurez, but she knew there was something out there for her different, and it was the “Dream Life.” That was within God’s will and promise for her life, Jazmine packed her bags and moved to Memphis.

The Dream Life Is In Memphis

Upon moving to Memphis, things were very slow for her, business was fine but it was not picking up as much as it should while making it to a different city. “Memphis, was ok,” she said,”but I liked it, it was slower than Atlanta and everyone there was not doing the same exact thing, it was so beautiful in Memphis, here I knew my business could grow.” And it did! Jazmine, with her outgoing and lovely personality started networking, which is a very important thing when it comes to business in any big city. She explained how in Atlanta you had to spend so much money to keep up with the flow. How you had to spend entirely too much just to stay relevant, she began to become tired of it, but in Memphis, she could pick up the slack and develop her business just the way she wanted it. Jazmine is smart, there aren’t a lot of branding companies in Memphis that does it like her. She began her branding company with only $500, ordering boxes, shirts and other tools to help others establish their businesses. Since she had a heart and love for people she felt she was in the right career, all the way to the point to where she no longer had to work her job, Jazmine went from making 30K to 100 thousand dollars a year, while working her own business. “It was a dream come true,” she said,” never did I think I would touch 100K just by running my business alone, God had really sent me a blessing and the blessings just keep coming.” And they did, she began working with top companies in Memphis including the Tri-State Defender and L3 Media, not to mention all the work she has done for other six figure entrepreneurs in the city. Memphis started to become more like home for her, Memphis became the ultimate dream life, and here she found her husband. What’s more beautiful, than establishing a very know business, and finding the love of your life, God has truly blessed her and she continues to put him first as well as to wanting to do that for others, which is a major part and the foundation of her business. Jazmine on the other hand, loves her dreamers.

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