Conversations With Evonne Offering Free “College Readiness” Coaching To College Student During The COVID-19 Crisis

“We will get through this together”

The COVID-19 crisis, better know as “Coronavirus,” has effected individuals around the nation and GLOBALLY. Businesses, events, and stadiums have all shut down putting a halt on everyday life. With so much going on and so little movement, quarantine has been the best, yet effective, answer to stop the spread of this virus. But another form of it, is positivity and Kahdejah Evonne has lived and strived for good counsel, as well as individuality. Since this and hope has been working, America has come together to put an end to this particular area. Yet, something else that America resides on has ended, that is the hope for tomorrow regarding our upcoming doctors, teachers, medical professionals, and workforce men this is, our college students.

The Closing of Colleges and Schools

With everything else closing around America, another major area was colleges and schools. Parents of small children and young adults woke up with concern for their children will be away from professional studies as well as college students whom have never experienced a computer as the typical college life.

Conversations with Evonne Life Coaching & Consulting Firm

Now, Conversations with Evonne is bringing a new flow. As we know Kahdejah Evonne Stevens, is a Life Coach, business woman and Consultant, using her blog as branding and content for big names and businesses around Memphis. Her blog is known for its quality and style, as well as her ability to write books and counsel people through her motivational conversations and as a psychological anger management specialist. Yet another thing she teaches is stress relief, teaching people to battle with doubts and insecurities helps as well. Kahdejah Evonne is a college student herself, working on her Doctorate of Behavioral Health which is strictly online as well, she is an “A” student. Yet did we forget to mention she is the 8th Entrepreneurship teacher at Hanley Middle Schools, so therefore structure and work mixed with a lot of fun and Jesus, is all she knows. If you think anything is treacherous and strenuous, trying writing a 16-page Clinical Psychology doctoral paper in just one night, with research for justifications. As a life coach, psychology professional, business woman and consultant , Conversations with Evonne has exactly what you need. Within her Life Coaching and Consulting brand, she has developed multiple curriculums for coaching individuals to reach an area of success, one in fact is “College Readiness,” which is very needed for college students today.

College Readiness Curriculum

So what does the “College Readiness” Life Coaching Packet consist of? It contains a phone consultation of where you want to be by the end of the semester, an optimistic structured academic time frame for homework, and a college readiness plan that will give you stress relief as well as plenty of time to still give yourself and your family. If you are interested in this free Life Coaching program, please contact Comversations with Evonne via email: or on her Instagram account @conversationswithevonne. You could also contact her on Facebook via search engine “Kahdejah Evonne Stevens.” Or take the time to listen to our motivational podcast which has 1.5k listeners. We look forward to meeting with you, and thank you for contacting us during this crisis. God Bless and we, with God, will get through this TOGETHER. Be blessed and safe out there lovelies.

Sincerely, Conversations with Evonne

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