Advancing with Soul Alexis Saxophonist Cole Will Be Performing At The Dallas Mavericks Game March 26th

“The Tune of Soul and Beauty Has Been Revealed”

A Taste of Memphis Tunes

On Saturday, February 15th Alexis Saxophonist Cole performed at the University of Memphis Lady Tigers Game. The day was beautiful as the beauty Miss Black Tennessee entered the Elma Roane Field House, court side, to play for over 300 smiling faces, as the Lady Tigers prepared to play against their opponent ECU. Alexis Cole arrived in a stunning blue sequined dress, royal blue open toe heels, with nude elegance as she smiled graciously before she played. While playing the National Anthem, with her own soulful tune, fans stood and cheered with amazement of how it flowed from her golden saxophone. “She is ALRIGHT,” yelled a man sitting directly behind us, as Alexis continued to play. The tune was like no other, adding the flavor of Memphis with a touch of Tennessee, “my inspiration was Whitney Houston,” said Cole, “no one singed the anthem liked her, this is what drove me.” Cole said she works hard on her music and looks forward to putting out an EP soon for hip hop, classical and R & B music.

Social Media

A video of the talented young woman was recorded by Kahdejah Evonne, blogger and owner of platform Conversations with Evonne who wrote the amazing article on Miss Cole announcing her stunning appearance to The University of Memphis Lady Tigers Game ( click here to view blog).The video had an outstanding 1.6K views of those on social media intrigued at how fulfilling the sound of her saxophone was. Social media followers were excited posting comments like “sax team,” and congratulating her on how awesome she sound. Yet Facebook and Instagram followers did not only recognize her talents, but others nation wide did as well. Later that week Alexis Cole received a call from the Dallas Mavericks Communications Manager booking her to play at the game March 26th.

“The Dallas Mavericks will be playing the Utah Jazz Thursday, March 26th at 7:30 p.m click here for tickets”

This indeed was motivation behind all of her hard work, encouraging her yet challenging her to work hard so that you too can hear more from her. From Memphis Tennessee,pageant stages and working in corporate offices, Alexis Cole will now be playing in the big city of Dallas Texas, for one of the NBAs top professional basketball teams, the stadium holds over 4,000 people.

“Alexis Cole playing at the Memphis Lady Tigers Basketball Game Saturday, February 15th”

If you would like to follow Alexis Cole on all social media platforms the pages are as followed: -Instagram: @Alexis.Cole -Facebook: Alexis Cole

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