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WKND Hang Suite Memphis “We Are Not The Club” The Do’s And The Don’ts of The Establishment

“We Are Not The Club”

Memphis, what lovely place to attend for all of your night life needs, from hanging with your friends to just visiting for the bar-b-que, when you stop through Memphis, it could fairly feel like the place to be. As a blogger here, one thing that I do love about my hometown is the new and upcoming establishments, yet one that I fell deeply in love with was, The WKND Hang Suite.

When The WKND Hang Suite first opened it was something I definitely bragged to my friends about. “Come on girl,come with me,” I would say. They would come, and they were very excited from what I explained about the establishment itself, it wasn’t too big, nor too small and it had this saying on its website stating “we are not the club.” Now, I appreciated this, I’m not a big “club hopper,” I liked to go somewhere I could chill and enjoy the festivities. The waitress were great, food was delicious and this definitely was my spot to grab me a few glasses of wine. Yet after a while, all of that changed. Especially the night of my 24th birthday. This indeed was hectic.

My Birthday

Ok, understand, that since this is one of my all time favorite spots in Memphis, I’m doing this out of love, not hate. If you are going to be a top spot in Memphis you should stay that way, not fall short because you rarely have any competition. But as a business woman or personnel we understand that there is ALWAYS competition. WKND understand and know this, somebody is out there ready to take your spot, and this is to the owner, your waitress are beautiful people, but when a new spot opens, they’re going to leave you too, don’t risk that. Btw, do you not realize that Sage is right down the street. I mean they are not a big establishment, but they are VERY professional.

So I’m going to make this short and sweet, I decided to choose the WKND to celebrate my birthday, I ordered a booth of course and was ready to spend some money in one of my favorite spots. First, I get there ready to enjoy my night and the NEW SECURITY decided to tell me to stand at the end of the line, after I have ordered a booth for my birthday. As long as I have been going to the WKND you don’t stand in line after purchasing a booth, this woman literally forced us to stand in line which is very embarrassing when it’s your birthday and you have paid your money. This did not sit well with me. So walking into this establishment, I was already upset. So we wait literally an extra 15 minutes for a waiter to take us to our booth, get to the booth and guess what, it’s not what I ordered. Now here I am annoyed because I bragged on the WKND all the time, and they are becoming a disappointment, this was my brother and sister’s first time at this establishment and they were very annoyed, (other than the food it was pretty good per usual.)

So here we are finally enjoying ourselves, the booth was terrible, but since it was my spot in which I invited my friends, but they insisted on me going to LoVe because of the terrible reviews the WKND has, I still insisted on going here. That’s because I was completely blinded to anything the reviews said.

Recent WKND Customers
Wow She’s Upset

What amazes me is this, after a few days of being upset from the tarnishing experience I had at the WKND I was directed to read the reviews then everything made sense. At first, I thought I was tripping and just having birthday behavior, but nope the nightmare was true. The night of my birthday I was removed from my birthday booth early. The waiter explained that “someone else wanted the booth,” I look at my clock and it was 1:15 a.m, we all know the WKND closes at 2:30, who exactly wanted my booth out of everyone else’s, and we were paying good money, come to find out, my friend was recently dating the same guy the waitress was, mmmmmmm, very unprofessional and caty, you don’t bring your personal business to work. We even tried to tip her more for the booth, she still insisted on my making my night terrible. We purchased that booth at 11 and didn’t get in it until 11:30 or so. Not to mention did I tell you the waitresses actually steal?

Over Charging For Drinks (Scamming)

Lol, ok. Prior to the terrible birthday situation the WKND has been my spot, until I found out that the waitress literally steal. This has happened to me multiple times, I will purchase a drink (mainly wine), pay $10 for the wine which has been declining in portions every time I go. The price isn’t the problem but the scamming is. I went to a brunch before at the establishment and the menu says wine is $7. Yet waitress have been charging me $10 per glass, INCLUDING THE BARTENDERS WHICH IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! When I go to my spot, I order about 4-6 glasses, and I give at least a 5-$10 tip to whatever waiter I use. If you calculate that 6 glasses of wine and the tips I’m giving that waitress about $25. Now come on now, why steal? You are literally stealing $18 from me. After finally seeing the menu, I was very upset, WKND please do something about this before you lose valuable customers from your establishment.

Stop Stealing

Flirting Instead of Working

Ok here goes nothing again.

Now WKND, this is very unprofessional I’m not going to even mention the brunt hookahs that’s are being served. I use to be a hookah girl at K2 Ultra Lounge before it closed, this was the actual celebrity club of Memphis, when I could tell you I have served multiple celebrities and received $80 tips WITHOUT STEALING, it’s because I was trained right. But let me move forward. The waitresses literally flirt in your face and not do their jobs. Like…….I don’t even know what to say about that. I’m sure you will handle it. Yet because of this, and laziness, as well as attitudes, this is creating a timeliness issue. Everything is literally in delay. Omg…the ghetto the stress. Just read this review, this happened to me as well. I ordered spinach dip, the waiter literally did not bring it until closing time……….and had it in a cardboard box……no wax paper…….please…….take that back…..and it was cold……because she was taking instead of working…….then had the nerve to catch an attitude. Lol oh…..Aite.

Smh, to conclude WKND, these bas reviews are spreading like wildfire, now I love this place, but you have to do better with your customer service. You DO NOT want people coming into town and not attending your establishment because of your customer service reviews (people really do do that, heck I do that). Please, take heed to how amazing your place really could be and stop relaxing. If I could take the amazing service Sage Memphis has and put it at your establishment, you will be a place to reckoned with. Luckily Sage is a Bistro and not an actual hangout spot. Anyways, please get it together, you guys will always see me there, but until then I think you need to tend to those bad reviews, and this is somewhat considered one but merely loving advice.


A not so satisfied customer but I love y’all #ConversationsWithEvonne

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