#ConversationsWithEvonne Is Ready To Take Over Memphis.

Goodmorning, is this thing on? Oh… It is? Ok, Hello all 👋🏾, I am Kahdejah Evonne and Conversations With Evonne is ready to take over Memphis, TN. Want to support?

Well my friends you can start off following the podcast, blog, or even joining my Life Coaching Firm in March. How about you follow me on social media for inspiration and tips, or even read one of my books, come to my book signings, hang out with me and meet me personally. You can even tune in online to one of my webinars or come to one of my workshops to hear me speak. Are you trying to start a business, I can consult you in doing that. What ever you do or which ever way you go, Conversations with Evonne is going to be a foundation like no other. Ok so… where were we, oh yes, let’s schedule to talk over coffee, btw I will have a ton of those with pens, journals and tote bags in my merchandise shop. But enough of that, let’s talk. ☕️

Photos by: Marcus D. Jones



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I am a published book author, entrepreneur and psychology professional with exceptional skills in writing (advertisement, blog setup, book formatting, book publishing consulting and APA college papers readiness, etc), and small businesses consulting. If you are looking for book publishing, personal branding, business or life consulting you have visited the appropriate place. I look forward to working with you and you reading my blogs. Sincerely, theauthordailymemphis

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