Episode 9: Dating In Memphis: “The Baby Daddy”

“This my son, doesn’t he look just like me?”

“First off where is your baby momma?” My home girl was not about to deal with this crap this man was giving her. She knew he was lying from the crack of his teeth. His nice teeth at that. It just amazed me how baby father’s were so attractive but no good. At least we knew that anyway, since we assumed this all because he did not work out with his baby mother. “Man, I don’t even talk to her no more,” he started to chuckle. But what good was he if he wasn’t even with her, so you mean to tell us everything you had going on was a mistake, and the baby was only a result of unprotected sex. My friend has been dealing with this toxic individual for 6 months now, and he just would not stop messing with his baby mother.

She once informed me about how it was so much “baby momma drama,” due to the simple fact his baby mother did not want to leave him alone and informed her that, “he will always be there.” My friend had a run in with his baby mother multiple times and did not want to put up with him anymore. But something kept holding her back. I honestly feel from a psychology stand point that, it’s the fact that a woman is lusting and desiring a man, that is what’s making her want him even more. Or the simple fact that she cannot fully have him the way she wants, so she gets stuck in the fight she puts up to keep him. You get so caught up in playing step mom that you forget the kid has a real mom, I told her don’t mess with this man unless he’s ready to give her a ring, if he’s not mature, he’s only damaged goods. But dealing with a baby daddy in Memphis will only result in some form of baby momma drama, she surly won’t bag down if she has no life, and you won’t either. Girl no matter how fine that baby daddy is, and I promise you they do become very attractive, if it’s not a good fit, leave him alone, because dealing with one of them, you will be pregnant for the remainder of your life.

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