“Talks with Evonne” is now changing to “Conversations with Evonne Life Coaching and Consulting Firm”

“In all things there is time for a change, new levels brings new happiness and ideas and with those it’s brings new businesses life is all about transitioning.”

The hot coffee is steaming! Kahdejah Evonne Stevens, is now switching her platform to something a little more intimate in the City of Memphis. She will announce the official change of the platform Saturday, February 1st at her book signing for her new devotional book, “30 Day Devotion: Restore, Replenish & Reclaim Your Life With God.” Now working on becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach, with her Anger Management Clinics as well, she has constructed a Life Coaching and Consulting Firm to add to her platform of being an author, motivational speaker and having a podcast (Talks with Evonne), which has a stunning 1.3K listeners. The firm will provided services to those with small businesses on how to create successful business plans, business marketing, opening a business, writing and publishing a books, speaking platforms, lifestyle and health coaching, personal branding, college readiness, APA formatting papers, sports coaching, and many more avenues for those who are looking to make a transition in life and become successful. The firm also has a podcast, blog, talk show, merchandising store and book publishing committee. She will also be providing conferences, motivational speaking services, content writing and workshops all from the powerful and intellectual firm especially on how to open businesses.

“I believe in the transformation of people,” she said, “that anything is possible and they can become whatever they want to be, and that is why I’m opening this firm.” Stevens plans on opening the firm in March, while accepting people going more towards the summer. She has established plans for all of her Life Coaching and Consulting programs and plan on giving free Life Coaching or Consulting Programs to multiple people. The free programs are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.

With great gratitude she now says goodbye, to “Talks with Evonne,” which has helped her advance her career, meet new people and love on them tremendously. So with great sorrow but happiness we now say good bye to “Talks with Evonne” and hello “Conversations with Evonne Life Coaching and Consulting Firm,” the new birth.

Sincerely and for the last time,


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I am a published book author, entrepreneur and psychology professional with exceptional skills in writing (advertisement, blog setup, book formatting, book publishing consulting and APA college papers readiness, etc), and small businesses consulting. If you are looking for book publishing, personal branding, business or life consulting you have visited the appropriate place. I look forward to working with you and you reading my blogs. Sincerely, theauthordailymemphis

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