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Episode 8: Dating In Memphis: “The Trainer”

“Girl he has to be dating everyone”

“See, all I do is train women to get in shape, it’s a shame I still attract all the wrong women who just want sexual relations.” He stood there irritated because he was one of the few who actually wanted a girlfriend in Memphis. You rarely see guys with this much passion, yet he was already categorized as a “thot”. There’s nothing worst than a male thot in Memphis, at least that’s what all the women think. Being one of these you either pick up the wrong woman and get betrayed by the right woman because, yeah she has been hurt by all the male “thots.”

The fact that my friend even has a multitude of women on his list providing training services put him in this predicament. But also the fact that it’s other trainers actually sleeping with the women made it excessively hard to get in a relationship as well. Dating women in Memphis is like one of those box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get until you bite into it. Yet a lot of what he was getting was indeed insecurities. I mean, he was training beautiful women and women of all sizes. What woman wouldn’t feel like this. What this woman needs to know indefinitely is this, what’s the big deal, it’s definitely all in your head.

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