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Episode 7: Dating in Memphis “The Church Boy”

“Come to church”

“She gotta go to church if she date me, I’m looking for a wife and she must be Godly.” He said this with so much emphasis, tailored in a nice suit as well all sat in the living room of my best friend’s apartment. “There is no way I’m dating a girl who does not believe in going to church, my dad or mom not going for that.” He then explained that his father was a pastor of one of the biggest churches in Memphis and of course his mom being the First Lady she had to “ok” whomever came through her door. You could tell he came from a good family, knew his word and was very handsome to the eye. Church boys in Memphis have swag, I mean fashion is on one-hundred and you wouldn’t even know they wear designer. If you even look at these young men, you honestly have to be church prone. This guy was not letting up about church and I don’t blame him, keeping your spirituality with God alive is important and messing with the wrong person proves you have too much to lose. It’s not much to them, but they are still in the crowd when you date in Memphis.



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