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“Working hard as Kahdejah Evonne Stevens”

“You failed, aite cool, charge it to the game get up and keep on going.”

To be in this life of entrepreneurship you have to step your game up. You gotta get it out the mud. At least that’s what I did. For a young nappy head girl form Binghamton and North Memphis, I had a lot to lose, I kept on going. You could say my skin was already made thick from the things I’ve seen, being an author and entrepreneurship just made it thicker. You have to work hard and want the best for yourself and others around you. Self employment is very rewarding. I have had my highs and lows with all of my small businesses that I’ve decided to open, but I just want to let you know that gives you knowledge. You failed, aite cool, charge it to the game get up and keep on going.

So today I just want to give you a little back ground about what entrepreneurship can do for you to what you will face. First, entrepreneurship won’t pay you $15 an hour, more like 30 to possibly $600 an hour or it could even go up to the thousands. In this game you just have to be smart. It takes marketing, planning and yes falling on your behind a few times. It takes hearing the word “No,” but having the courage to keep going so you can hear yes. It takes not getting the corporate jobs you want and still getting internships and mentors to gain experience. It takes being broke before you become rich. That’s what entrepreneurship takes. Yes, you’re going to take some loses, but how are you going to be a boss when you can’t fail? You have to know how it feels to fall on your behind and then continue to pray, come on now in this life you gotta have some tuff skin, all or nothing.

When I was a kid, I always wrote small stories, I had a vision and a strong mind set, that vision and never giving up on my God given talents turnt into over 30 book titles and small stories. You won’t believe it I have a new series coming out after I finish WOMAN, a book series for black women facing depression, that Memphis will love. To continue, as a kid, I’ve always loved art, in the back ground I’m still starting my online art business to sale massive paintings on eBay and to modern living downtown Memphis,Atlanta and New York, but you just have to keep going. Not to mention my love for psychology. Yet, this is entrepreneurship, I’ve failed in this game countless times. What I’m saying is you have to allow this life to shape you, grow that thick skin, yet trust God and continue to invest. He didn’t put that vision or all this money and passion into your head or hands for nothing, play your cards right my friends and ALWAYS ALWAYS, be blessed.



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