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Episode 6: Dating in Memphis “The Entrepreneur”

“All my friends have money, no you can’t sit with us”

“See I’m going to be honest sweety, my business failed 3 times before I became who I am, you got to have that drive to sale.” What business did he really have anyway I thought. You will see him all the time at the best spots in Memphis including all the cigar lounges, just that modern suit and tie man swag, but sometimes will rock a hat and tennis shoes. “If you want to talk more about business I could give you some pointers, you’re very attractive and impressive to me because you do the same thing I do, and I don’t get impressed often.” With these men you HAVE to be like them. It’s either you got it or you don’t and they are very picky, yet then again they are not, they just want the proper love yet fall in love more with a woman with ideas, successful ideas and entrepreneurship abilities at that, with an ounce of stability. To them, that is very attractive.

I’m not going to lie, the entrepreneurs in Memphis have the game down pack. They know how to manage money more and have an array of friends. If you would want to date any of them they would be the ones to date. They’re too busy to play games, but that doesn’t mean they are too quick to pick you. The mind of an entrepreneur is careful and only care free when it comes to enjoyment with no cost. It’s all about pros and cons when it comes to them, and they do this with every situation. But honestly, they do pick the best.

“See I don’t want a woman who is going to give me headache, I have a job to do. She has to be almost EXACTLY similar to me, hard working and also working or having a good credit score.” Lol an entrepreneur talks a good game, but he for sure also ran the game. He was his own boss, but fully about his business when he it came to his relationships and his woman. “Play is play but business is always business,” he said. To be with an entrepreneur you have to have drive, can’t be a weak woman or man messing with them, further more they need continuous support, love, communication and attention. Because deep down inside of them there is someone dying anyway, because they have been on this road for so long, and yes of course, they need and want someone they can spend all of that money with, as well as make happy “money times, and travel. They are honestly the best picks. Hard working men, sometimes difficult when it comes to women, but dangit they are loyal, lol and FINE!!!



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