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“A Lady With Class Is A Lady With Sass”

Ok check this out, you trying to go out with friends, but you have this modern business woman with swag thing going on about yourself. You don’t want to wear the smallest dresses and the same clothes that every boutique has to offer, you want something different, and you want something that fits. My friends meet “The Fedora”

“This swag not meant for everybody”

Now now keep calm, the classic fedora doesn’t fit all personal. Your swag has to be on 1,000 to properly wear this hat. I don’t necessarily believe in pivoting my fedora to the side, it’s too 90s and old skool, yet what I do believe in is having the brightest colors and the darkest outfits to compliment the hat. I mean if you’re going to go dark, go dark, if you’re going to set it out with the lights go LIGHT, but here in Memphis it seems the fedora has turnt into a form of “street fashion.” Which is ok, but you have to go urban causal with this hat. This is not a ordinary joe. This hat proves a point, you’re up in your career, your trying to make a “hat statement,” and you just want to go out with friends to chill, the classic night fall or in some cases day time on the city hat. This bad boy is fly.

Will I be coping “The Fedora” modern business woman attire in every color? You dang skippy I will be. The hat proves so many points in how you think or go on about your day. There is nothing like a yellow fedora either. I went out with friends and put this hat on like a smooth criminal. Those around me were amazed you would be surprised at how many people said “I like you swag,” or, “man I love that hat.” Ladies when you sport the fedora you have to sport it better than the men! Like rock it out.

I’ve see so many boutiques with the classic fedora as well that will not properly fit your head. The hat is not meant not to “fit”. If you are wearing braids you have to find one that fits and a lot of our heads are a tad bit bigger than what we are selling. But to conclude the fedora is a classic. You definitely will see me swag it out in more of these with a fuse business woman suits as well, man. This summer swag is going to be fire. I have a few tricks up my sleeves. *smiles*



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