Episode 4: Dating In Memphis: “The Promoter”

“Get on this flyer, come to the club I got you”

“Ok so look,” he said, “this is one of the biggest parties of the year, get on this flyer come to the club I got you.” My home girl was infatuated with this guy. I never really liked promoters, they were too close to scamming to me. But one thing for sure they made sure your face was on one of those janky flyers. “If she dating me ima, make sure she have bottles.” That is bottles in the club and sitting in a $300 booth for a few ours until his boss tell him ,”they have to move.” Honestly some promoters do have pull like that. But the way they move is not my style. This guy was my homie as well, tall, lean and wore all the Versace shoes as well as Loui. Wasn’t my business if it was real or not. I let him have his shine every time I saw him. In Memphis dating a promoter or a rapper is probably what the women want. They see themselves so caught up in the “Love & Hiphop” life that they will do anything to get close to fame, he knew this. He wasn’t even all that good looking just soaked in designer fashions, cologne and a nice hair cut.

“Your home girl taken?” He would ask me every time he see me buying wings at a wing spot he was probably promoting as well, or even if I’m just on the town hanging out. I never attended a place with multiple promoters dropped in fashion, that’s a key to know that club is not the right place to be. Like club STATUZ for instance. It’s so much smoke in there I hated it. I was so ready to leave and get into the comfort of my home but it was my homegirls birthday. That’s a way to show support. Now he trying to show his behind standing on couches with his designer shoes and order bottles that he has to work off. Terrible.



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