Episode 5: Dating in Memphis: “The College Girl”

“I’m looking for a baller”

“Hold on girl I gotta turn the paper in before we hit the club,” she said. I don’t even know why I’m going out with this child . She is my friend but a few months out of undergrad makes a huge difference, and she proved it. “Girl tonight, it’s this fine Nupe want me to come over, but he has a girlfriend, he told me they not really together though, I mean he calls me every now and then, he texts me all the time, I mean I like him but anyway yes girl he will be at LOVE tonight.” “The question is, are you even old enough for love, and how old is this Nupe?” She laughed and said,”now you know I have a fake I.D, why you playing.” I instantly got uncomfortable. Girl I didn’t even go to a club when I was her age like IN LOVE. She’s more ready than I have ever been. She was fly though, just “hot in the pants,” don’t know any better and breath smelled like pure Henny. Now she was offering me shots, I laughed and said “ girl I don’t drink like that no more.”

From her understanding I wasn’t turnt enough. We get in the car and she started going on and on about this promoter who was going to let us in free. “Mane how he look,” I said. “Girl tall and lean, and he stay with the latest fashion on, I mean fly, he promised me red bottoms.” Lol, red bottoms, tall & lean? “You talking about *****,” I said. “Yes him,” she said with excitement. “Girl he so fine, he got me a $300 booth tonight and some bottles, but I’m looking forward to seeing my Nupe.” This girl was head over hills for men, I mean she was banging everybody. Whoever she wanted she got with them, then she will hit me up all in her feelings about how somebody has played her. I will feel sorry cause I know how those college stages go. One time in school she got so intoxicated I had to literally carry her to her room. Then she started crying saying ******** was in the party with another female and won’t text her back. So much for the stick up college kid. She just didn’t know she was beautiful though, remind myself a lot of me.

“Come on girl there he go!” She got out the car and pulled her little shiny dress down to rush to the door to meet this guy. Now y’all wouldn’t even believe it. It was my friend, the same guy my home girl was infatuated with. Man, I tell you about these promoters. “Wassup girl,” he said. I looked at him and smirked, he knew exactly what I knew, but I wasn’t going to even say anything, don’t need him hitting me up asking me why I “blew up the spot.”

We get in the night club with this fake I.D she has saying she was 36 years old. Ha! If her dress wasn’t so small they probably wouldn’t turnt her around. Before we even make it in, shot after shot after shot, went down this college chicks throat, she even “drove the boat,” a few times from a few bottles the guy brought her. “There he go omg,” she said intoxicated, I guess it was the Nupe she was so excited about as well. I bend down to pick my wine glass off the ground and look up to she who she was running to, it was “The Player.” Dang….I knew these men were up to no good. But hey, that’s dating in Memphis. Now him and the promoter into it. I just sat back and laughed, this ought to be good.



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