Episode 3: “The Player”

“I can have anything I want, any woman I want, whenever I want.”

So now, I’m at the WKND hang suite in Downtown Memphis, enjoying times with friends is the greatest days of them all. My home girl and I decided to go out and enjoy the Memphis scene. Since this spot is not a club in which we are fun of but not too much, we hang here all the time. “Girl, it is some nice looking men in here,” she said. She scopes the room and from the corner of my eye I see this tall guy walk forward. He grabs my hand and instantly I blush. “Wassup,” he said. It’s funny how my whole world turned when this guy looked at me. But after a few seconds of looking at his adoring smile, white teeth and smooth dark skin I knew he was up to no good. “You look beautiful as always,” he smirked. Now I’m not the “go for anything minded woman,” but boy did I go for him.

See in my lifetime I’ve had my time with “players.” But my definition of player is completely different from Memphis. A real player gets what he wants out of a woman and plays all sorts of games. Yet knowing I was a laid back female and not into the business of playing those games I decided to be the ultimate “player,” myself. “You look good too,” I said to him smiling. After a few more moments of talking we hugged and he went on about his night. See the problem with women is we spark players, we give them what they want without them evening working or asking for it. That’s what makes him a player, not talking to multiple women, that’s dating. But helping him complete his motives with the goals of “getting in your jeans,” or buying him something even time, that’s when he becomes a player, and yes sis he played you. This is what they mean by, “don’t hate the player hate the game.” Just don’t get the game ran on you. Girl, don’t be afraid of a player, he’s still a man, like every other man with feelings, treat him as such. Yet, it doesn’t make him any less of a man because he ran game. We just have to be careful. But let’s not forget he did tell me, “I can have anything I want, any woman I want, whenever I want.” Which is true, I believe him. And I can too. I’m not going to stop you from enjoying anything you want, at this mere moment, it just won’t be me. You are still extremely attractive though *sends text message* “lets be friends.” Lol I swear y’all, this is dating in Memphis.



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