Welcome to the “In Between Blog”: DATING IN MEMPHIS

Ok ok, so before I even get into the in between blog I have to introduce it. This blog is more so like a “Dating In the City” (I hate saying the word sex), the author who meets and greets people and talks excessively about their love life. Ok but no seriously.“The In Between Blog” is what I do in between time. I’m an author so in between my time and my busy day I write short stories that will leave you full of amazement, and boy “They Say That This Is A Big Rich Town.” Seriously I just come from the poorest parts. 🏙 #TheAuthor

So here I am blogging from a downtown condo on South Main Street about a semi-famous female who is having the typical love life problem. Yes this is indeed a semi-“Memphis In The City Episode,” but most importantly this is “The In Between Blog.” Here I will share my most somewhat, entertaining and demanding blog series that will of course keep my reader reading. Now don’t be amazed at how blunt this blog section may be but of course it is interesting. Besides I’m just a blogger in Memphis who knows that everything is all in your head. And who also knows everything (smiles). Lol, welcome my friends, to “The In Between Blog,” and the “Dating In Memphis,” series. I truly hope you enjoy every story that’s written.! Now…..LETS GET STARTED!



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I am a published book author, entrepreneur and psychology professional with exceptional skills in writing (advertisement, blog setup, book formatting, book publishing consulting and APA college papers readiness, etc), and small businesses consulting. If you are looking for book publishing, personal branding, business or life consulting you have visited the appropriate place. I look forward to working with you and you reading my blogs. Sincerely, theauthordailymemphis

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