Dating In Memphis Episode 2: “The Celibate Female”

“Girl, it’s hard being celibate in Memphis, but it’s safe”

So there’s this friend I have, and she is one of the sweetest people I know in Memphis. Very fun to hang around, very laid back and chilled, men love her but they will date her under one condition, if she decides to have relations with them. Talk about hard for her. With so many men in Memphis and her being one of the attractive ones, minus the likes, it makes it even harder. I think it’s the level of men we choose.

See yes, in Memphis there’s levels to relationships. It’s all about the brackets. Now a days they aren’t choosing any woman or man to be with, it’s a city girl or city boy vibe, it’s either you got it or you don’t. Honestly, in a way, that’s sexually, social and financially. They don’t care if you are more insane to walk outside cold feet with rain, if you have those three above you are in the loop. Now oh I didn’t give you her name, sorry this information is confidential. But she did allow me to write this blog about her so be thankful for that. I once asked her how was it being celibate in a city full of attractive men. The thing is she still hangs out with friends, she still actually talk to men, but she’s never alone with one. Now before hand, she was not this woman. She was sexually active and had every man she wanted, how ever she wanted if you know what I mean.

“I just decided to go for God’s peace,” she said. “These men can’t do a thing for me unmarried, but give me a baby and a massive headache.” Which she is right. She told me about this time one of her closest friends slept with her man and she caught them. I mean, this girl was at her home every night complimenting how good of a woman she was to “her man,” and went behind her back to sleep with him. She even taught the girl how to cook. That is insane, I said to myself then, here you are my friend I’m teaching you all the slopes of being a good woman and you go sleep with my man. Talk about being hurt. So now I don’t know if she is celibate because of past pains and things of that nature, or is it just to be closer to Godliness. I mean she is a constant church goer and works diligently in her community. “You know,” she said, “after catching her with him I wanted to kill her, but that’s far against my religion.” Lol, we know sis, we know.



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