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Dating In Memphis Episode 1: “The Independent Female”

“I mean what she have that I don’t”

Ok so again welcome to the “In Between Blog,” be amazed and hold your seats because this is going to be interesting. So we have a 29 year old female, perfectly in her prime. She is one of the most gorgeous in Memphis, yet men truly don’t treat her like it. Sometimes I don’t get men, how dare you ridicule something so amazing right before your eyes. Now this is not the ordinary girl, I don’t want to get too deep into her finances but sis got it made. I once asked her why deal with men of such annoyance, she said she is just a “real one,” and decided not to let it go too soon. Yet, I feel her. Here in Memphis you don’t want to categorized as a “thot,” and one who does not care about your reputation of appearance, but unfortunately that’s who they date. So they crap can be quite common. This woman for sure is all about that.

Now I have very good friends, deep in their careers on the way to six figures and I just had to blog about this. She has assumed the position of loyalty for countless men, but what the heck makes them think they can come at her like that. See men are sometimes out of there way, when you have a woman who has it all of the much together and gives you loyalty how could you not settle down. This is not the typical relationship in the city, yet millennials who are typically trying to get it together.

So here we go, it’s time for me to give the the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So we were out eating one day and she told me about this guy. “He is sweet, but he needs to get it together,” she said. I lean in more to listen because knowing I’m 23 I felt I could learn a tad bit more from her. So she told me about this incident. This blew my mind. Now this young woman has bands, and a man probably would lay at her feet to be with her. Yet her spirit is so humble that she likes who she likes. Which is typically ok. So the conversation went something like this.

Her: “Girl, do you know that he came to my house the other day, and there was my best friend sitting waiting , just enjoying time with me and my other friend.”

So after hearing this of course, I lean in closer.

Her: “So I haven’t talked to him much, and he came to knock on my door, see the guy that was at my house was only my friend, that’s it, but do you know he rushed into my home after I told him not to come in, I mean I scared him a bit. It almost seemed as if my best friend was there for me, but I only did it because I’m tired of his crap, he came in the house and couldn’t even control his feelings, I told him he needs a psychiatrist.”

So wait wait, before we even go into the incident. She told me that guy basically said, they are just “dating.” So if you don’t know what “just dating means,” it means we are basically not together but I want the benefits of being with you regardless. So therefore,her friend who had a boyfriend only was there to “hang out,” but the guy she was dating went crazy. Talk about guilty. He was definitely scared she was dating someone else. Now wait a minute. How is that even cool. We put all our time and effort into you and you say “we are just dating?” But she likes this guy who rushed into her home when he saw the other man, I mean genuinely. Me being as psychology professional I almost went deeply into a psychoanalysis type interview about the man’s past. But there is not exact point in that due to so many men acting the same.

I mean, this is Memphis. It’s the city most men are typically chasing the same women. They don’t look at those who are set aside from the rest, who don’t have 19.8k likes on Instagram (in which these women bought,) and trying to chase the reality life. Lol, and this is one of the problems sis was having. Men don’t realize the lies that are right before them, it wasn’t the beauty that sis was having but the fact that men are more likely to chase the fame of the female instead of the female itself. She told me about how these guys do that. Memphis is not a small city but it is, so therefore the most “famous” social media women are praised. It doesn’t even matter if they have kids or not, or you have this high tech millennials money making job, the likes is what gets them.

Again, we have the ideal woman sitting in front of us, but men in Memphis rather chase the fake. I felt for her telling me her story but I don’t want to get too deep. But these women on social media just kept coming up. In Memphis, they want to live the fake life, not people who are really out here doing it, and because of that it’s making her love life suck. It sad because I would believe she would be one of the first. To get married, but dating in Memphis is all about I guess likes. So welcome to “Dating In the City,” or the city of Memphis where if you don’t have a like, we hate you or ignore the hype. Honestly screw those likes, I’m my city we are the real ballers, not some fake wana-bees who want to get out. But she like she said before,”be careful what we you wish for cause you just might get it.” But seriously, if you want to date or be somebody, you have to be about something. The is “Dating in Memphis,” and Kahdejah Evonne and I am checking out.

P,S I can’t wait for this summer, it’s gonna be brilliant!


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