Daily Affirmations: Being Who You Are

Good morning!

Today is the day to unapologetically be who you are without hesitation. So let’s do this exercise. This is more so like a self love piece. For starters, I want you to look in the mirror and find everything “you” like about yourself. Not what someone else sees. Even if it’s your flaws or you just being yourself in general what do you love about you. Thinking deeply about this, for it’s going to make you do a drastic 360 in the way you think. Do you know that we forget to look in the mirror and remind ourselves about us. We don’t realize that we are just vanishing and truly forgetting who we are while forming to this world. We spend so much of our time catering to others and their view yet don’t bother to look and care for self. In actuality this is very hurtful.

Today you are going to find out what it is about you that you truly adore and capitalize off that. Like before, it doesn’t matter if society doesn’t like it you are unapologetically being you. For instance, as a kid I had these huge lips and strong facial features, with big brown eyes. Not to mention I was extremely tall and frail. This made things all the more different for me because all the way to my teenage years, even some college I felt like an outcast of different species. I never unapologetically became me because I was trying to satisfy society with my looks, what I wore and how I acted. Talk about depressing, sad and dark moments, while trying to get validation from someone else. So then it happened, I got tired of trying to keep up with others and did this mirror trick for days. Like training your cognitive of course. After finding what I truly loved about myself I found more, then that conducted into a whole list of ideas and loving examples,as such, that I adored about me. Then, I understood that this here life is about me and no one else. When I truly fell in love with myself, that is when I started adding other people to my world. But remember, it’s all in your head!



“All the Glory and the honor goes to God, he cares for you more than anything else and drives you to be you for that’s who he created, he helped me find me and love her, the girl that was truly lost, herself.” -Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

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