Who is Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

Hello from Memphis!

Or I shall say greetings from the greatest city on earth. Here in this city you can be and become whatever you want. I like to say that Memphis is my….Atlanta. But don’t get it twisted I like to travel. So where were we? Oh yes, I think I haven’t properly introduced myself. See I’m new to this blog thing but then again, I’m not. The great part about it is it’s therapeutic and the most magnificent part about it is it’s my passion. Hello all, I am Kahdejah Evonne Stevens just a psychology professional in the city of Memphis who loves travel, food, blogging, book writing and fashion. Oh and please, don’t forget my podcast “Talks with Evonne.” Yes I’m somewhat a force to be reckoned with, but I say use all the mechanisms to my advantage.

So Really What Do You Do?

Well guys, I own an Anger Management Clinic that will eventually turn into an Outpatient and Inpatient Mental health hospital, that is when I become Doctor of Behavioral Health, Kahdejah Evonne Stevens, if God doesn’t bless me with a husband before then. The name of my mental health services is call Evonne’s Place Anger Management Clinic and Creative Wellness Studios. I have some hidden talents lol but that’s none of your concern, we will talk about that much later but now let’s focus on the ask at hand oh yeah right, psychology and mental health. Something I adore to the fullest, yes I am extremely witty, but that is indeed what most people love about me, my platform and my passion for it is what they adore.

Ok Now Let’s Get To The Fun Stuff

Lol ok, did I tell you guys that I was one heck of a socialist and blogger. I’m also a book author of four of the most amazing books which will result in 9,10,11,12 books in the near future. No seriously, lol. The book that I’m soon releasing is “30 Day Devotion: Restore, Replenish & Reclaim Your Life With God.” Yes my friends is it a Christian book that was established to explain the devotion I have for my Christian Faith, and to help others find God as well. I love God, I just really wanted you all to know that and I am DEEP in the life of being a loving Christian, living for God, following the teachings of Jesus Christ and loving all others around me while doing so. My next book that is already released is “Who I Am,” which sold out on pre-sale but will now be release as “Who I Am: Be Victorious,” a story about everything that I have been through to become the woman I am today, and boy, have I been through ALOT.

But anyway I was just kidding about the socialist I just started back. We will also talk more about that later. But let’s talk a bit about my platform. Yes that’s correct Talks with Evonne and The Author Daily Memphis. You see, all of these things are intertwined. I plan on blogging for multiple companies for all sorts of topics, of course that will be my blogging and content writing career, but Talks with Evonne is my speaking platform career. Through here of course is my famous podcast that’s has 1.3K listeners, now, eventually will have a podcast store. So cool huh, with signified coffee cups, pens, notebooks and t-shirts all for you to see!!

So Tell Us More, How Can We Follow You?

For one, you can visit me at local spots in Memphis, I love to chat! But no let’s get to a quicker way, the power of social media. Yes follow me, shout me out post a few comments I will love it! So mmm.. let’s start. My social media is quite open because I am very motivational and love to give you all these cool updates. Below is a list of my supersonic social media platforms.

  • Twitter: See me talk and what I’m thinking on a daily, lol @kahdejahevonne
  • Facebook: Ok we are going to get a little person lol, just kidding follow me @ Kahdejah Evonne Stevens
  • And lastly Instagram: I love this no really follow me @kahdejahe.stevens

Ok so no lol, I don’t have a Snapchat yet but hey, there’s always an instasnap! I look forward to meeting and talking to all of you look out for emails and always check back here for updates, follow my blog because this is going to get interesting oh and by the way I have some thing great and amazing coming up this summer (rubs hands together). Ok so, it was extremely nice to meet you guys my heart goes out graciously to all my followers, readers. Until next time my friends and as I say be safe, be fashionable, travel, blog about it and most importantly be blessed. Have a good evening and remember it’s all in your head! God Bless.



“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” -Marilyn Monroe

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I am a published book author, entrepreneur and psychology professional with exceptional skills in writing (advertisement, blog setup, book formatting, book publishing consulting and APA college papers readiness, etc), and small businesses consulting. If you are looking for book publishing, personal branding, business or life consulting you have visited the appropriate place. I look forward to working with you and you reading my blogs. Sincerely, theauthordailymemphis

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