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What Men Want

Finally, we are at the first blog of the decade. First and for most Happy New Year my friends. Of course, I would love for you guys to subscribe to my podcast “Talks with Evonne.” If you have never heard my voice and some of you have not, my podcast will give you a sense of “relaxation.” I tended to find myself falling madly in love with my voice after discovering how cultural it was. Lol I guess I could say I started to like myself, yet where were we, why yes explaining what men like. Now, this has been a troubling question indeed for a lot of young gals like myself. But honestly, the matter is not that complicated as we make it. Being a psychology professional I will place here hard cold evidence to support my claims. But we have to be opened minded to the simplicity of what I am about to write. As, a writer, I have been taught and equipped to give you information that you could visualize in your head, so be prepare for something great I must say.

So What Do Men Want?

Lol. No literally lol. The same as them not knowing what we want, we are all going back and forth trying to figure how to to satisfy someone so that we can be with them. Honestly, we are doing it all wrong. If we get so caught up in being the “pick me girl,” we become unattractive.

Yes, the “pick me girl,” do you know who she is. Well, she is the women who tends to every man’s need or man need to make her self more appealing than most women. She will say thing like, “I don’t wear all the make up, it’s not even that serious,” or “yeah I love all football teams who gets their nails done every day, not me.”

If you are one who is doing this, I highly suggest you stop. Downing yourself or other women to make you seem more appealing is not attractive to any human. It’s just makes you seem as if you are the snob of the room. Honestly if you really want to know what men want or vise versa it’s not that. But wait, I was suppose to support my claims with hard cold evidence. Give me a second this may become interesting.

No seriously, what does psychology say men want?

Ok you asked for it, don’t be too ashamed because psychological studies are done based off animal science. That’s ok though I’ll try to give you information that is surely based on the scientific research of humans.

According to Psychology Today, “What Does Psychology Say Men Want,” is easy to come by. We sit and think men want us to be the ideal woman for them, they want us to be this beautiful unicorn that no one has seen, yet in actuality so many women are doing the same thing that we are all starting to look alike, a field full of unicorns. In psychology this is call “peer pressure,” or insecurities or identification issues. Toget what we want we become what we hate. A serious mental defense mechanism.

It is important to understand the likeness in men and women. We feel that we are creature from two different planets but don’t realize we are exactly alike, made in God’s imagine. There’s no difference in feelings unless they have been tampered, but being in my field I see that this can be fixed. As women we tend to push away what men really want. That is being likes and accepted as well as wanting love. Men have been taught to be conformed to this world, growing to learn what is masculine and what is not. How dare society tell them that, but it has not just affected the men, also the women. If we tell men that they cannot be vulnerable how the heck do you expect them to love you. Seriously let that soak in for a minute.

A man wants you to be yourself. To love him and not allow the world to tell you different. I understand that you may now say,” well I do love him but he isn’t showing it back.” Well now it’s time to look at how long you have been there and if you’re just looking at potential. We in this generation try to force relationships, when we need to just allow things to happen. Just be yourself, date and let the right person come to you. That is what men want. But please understand the answers are all in your head.

Sincerely, theauthordailymemphis

“To be in a relationship, you cannot display fear, fear leads to failed relationships within yourself and hatred” -Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

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  1. Such an important message to be yourself – there’s someone out there for everyone, you just have to be patient until you find the right person!

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