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Late Night Blogger

It is exactly 1:46 a.m. It is very understandable why I blog at night, around this time my mind works wonders. The reason of this blog is to give an ounce of encouraging words to my readers.

I remember wanting to leave my city as soon as I graduated from college. The first thing that spun to my mind was that I was going to pack up and got to Dallas,TX to continue my mental health career. I told everyone, I knew for sure I had it all planned out. Then boom, it was graduation day. I packed my bags and was excited to grace that stage. I thought, ok I’m going to get a job, save my money and move right away. I cared nothing about little ole Memphis,TN it was in my mind just to get out, and this may have made me felt as if I was just as successful as any other person that moved away from home after graduation, yet this was not the case.

As I went through my phone looking for apartments I found my stay in Memphis to be quite more lasting than expected. Nothing change and I then seen myself switching from job to job. This indeed may have made me feel like a failure, but instead of speaking negatively I opened my eyes completely. Maybe, God wants me to stay in Memphis for a reason, maybe just here right now he has a plan for me. Then, I started my development. College students and young millennials, we must understand that whatever we want sometimes is in our city. We will pick up and leave and not even think to fix what’s at home or see the city for what it is.

After staying in Memphis a few more months my plan and ideas got bigger. I wanted to take Memphis by the storm. I wanted to be one of the most known authors, psychology professionals, speakers, bloggers and fashion guru in my city. Something I always wanted to do since I was a kid, all of my loves came back to me. But how just how exactly was I going to do that if I would’ve left my city. Memphis all along, was my foundation. And I made it just that, now (hearts), it’s time to network and make this dream, travel and stay a blast.



“Signing out I say, chase and follow your dreams, because no one else is going to do that for you, make Memphis or your hometown your platform and build from it, because no one loves you more than the city” -Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

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